★ Shit I Hate Sunday ★

You guessed it. Another week's worth of bitching on Shit I Hate Sunday. Let it all out. Breathe in and breathe out....oh fuck that. Yell and scream and bitch it out. You know you want to.

Shit I Hate.....Really dumb people. I mean the ones that you refer to as sheep because they flock to what they are told to. Wake up people and think for yourselves. I really wish I could bitch slap a few people right now. Oh how happy I would be to slap the stupid out of them.

Shit I Hate.....Normally I'm great with the hormones not going all crazy, but tonight.... oh man are they off the chain! I was so ready to just beat down on anyone that said one thing to me. These pregnancy hormones can really give a big ol' boost of adrenaline. I actually kind of like that in a way LOL.

Shit I Hate.....when people talk like this: "lyk dis" ......no words for no brains. I find it funny that most my friends on facebook are into their 30's by now and yet, a few still seem to have the intelligence of a two year old and think it's trendy to talk like that. No, it just makes you look retarded not cool.

Shit I Hate.....The girl who is still trying to fake her pregnancy. She doesn't realize she has already spilled the beans without realizing it. Saying things like "I just know something is going to happen to my baby and it will be dead when I give birth" yea, game's already over for you. We all know you are faking it so just stop already. She drives me nuts with that shit.

Shit I Hate.....when people sit there and brag to you about how many people are attending an event they are throwing. I don't give a fuck that you say your baby shower will have more people there then at your wedding. Boo-hoo to you. Cry me a river or if you are just going to sit and bitch about it, don't' have one at all. How about that? Or just don't' bitch about it. It's only for you to get attention anyways.

Shit I Hate.....Not having a phone. It's been a few weeks and so I've gotten used to it pretty much now, but it still sucks when you need to make a phone call and realize "oh yea...that's not happening." Thank goodness for wifi though right?

Shit I Hate.....Liars, bitches & hoes.....LOL can you tell those hormones are really kicked in tonight?



  1. Lmao, bitch I love you face and I can not tell a lie! That's why I don't care for the "what I wore" really who looks forward to seeing what another bitch is wearing lol not me! And mostly because I'm not a skinny hooker anymore lol

  2. I love the idea of a Shit I Hate Sunday although I hope that the hormones have calmed down a little now, I don't want you to get too angry for too long considering your pregnant :P I agree with all of this though, especially the "lyk dis," people, they're so damn annoying! I hope you get a phone soon too.

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  4. That chick is still trying to fake her pregancy?? What a crazy!

  5. hahaha yesss how have i never seen this link up before? so awesome. i hate dumb people too. literally i encounter someone every day where it's like how could they possibly be that stupid?

  6. Hahah, that girl is still faking being pregnant? That is just so weird.

    I hope you get a new phone soon! I know how much it sucks to not have one.