IT'S OK Thursday

Linking up today. First time in a long time doing this one. Since I'm on my lunch break, why not right?

It's OK.......have an opinion about everything. I do yes, and sometimes I am more vocal then I should be about the subject. And sometimes, I am not vocal enough.

It's roll your eyes every time you hear the person you really don't like's voice and just thinking in your mind about the scenario of walking over and just punching them in the face then sitting back down.

It's put on makeup right before bed just because you want to feel pretty.

It's only want everything to be your way or no way sometimes.

It's care a lot more then you really should.

It's blog on your lunch break at work. Just because you can.



  1. I agree with all of this Rebecca, honestly none of those things cause anybody any harm really asides from the opinion stuff perhaps but it's still important to have an opinion, nobody should be hated just for that.

  2. These are great! You made me laugh. I couldn't agree more with all of them :o)

  3. Bitch, I put on makeup lastnight before bed! After I colored my hair I so wanted to feel pretty lol

    Hey I didn't get no updates email for tomorrow?

  4. Better to have too many opinions than no opinions!!