I Love Me Monday - xoxo Rebecca

I Love Me Monday

Of course, we never seem to say this enough to ourselves. We never take the time to see what we are really worth or everything that is amazing about ourselves. We always tend to concentrate on the negative and the things we are unhappy about ourselves.

So Destiny @ Rockin Mama has created a link up that lets you share with the rest of the world why you are amazing. Click on the button below to get started.

I Love Me Monday is just that, loving who you are!
Step out from behind the camera and embrace your beauty!

There will be 3 questions listed for you to answer and submit with your self portrait!

1. What do people compliment you on the most? {I would have to say my hair}

2. Your greatest accomplishment? {Making it this far in life with everything that has been thrown my way}

3. Do you consider yourself to have an old or young soul? {Yea, I don't know. I guess I've heard I'm too naive more then once so i guess a young one still that needs to grow}