TUESDAY 08.28.12

It has been an entire month. An entire month without a phone and I have to tell you I'm actually really loving it. We decided a month ago to get rid of our phones and at first, I must tell you it was a little uneasy. My iPhone meant everything to me. How was I going to stay up to date with my Facebook obsession or find movies on Netflix to listen to while bored at work? Or just making a simple phone call or sending a text?
But to be honest, it has been so nice being out of touch and disconnected. I'm loving the "no more random texts" from people thinking I'm someone who had the number before. No more texts from people I'm not in the mood to text back. No more waiting for someone to text me back. No more phone calls from telemarketers or bill collectors from the previous people who had my number.

But what took me a while {and I've finally been able to really enjoy it} but "no more being accessible 24/7 to everyone and everything". No longer having a phone has put this simplicity back into my life. No more getting frustrated if I forgot it at home, or lost the charger and find it. No more checking it every 30 seconds thinking I heard it go off.

Now, my phone is just another object sitting around that is still a device that's useful. Don't get me wrong, it's not completely out of my life. Just not a phone anymore. It's pretty much an upgraded iPod now. I still use it where I have wifi access like at home or places like the library, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.... if it's around, I still play on Facebook, Twitter, play games, check email. It still pretty much is useful only when wifi is available.

However, not every place offers wifi so the phone isn't anything but a paper weight in my purse that I'm not having to dig around for when it rings. I can't get wifi at work, but I use it to listen to my music and such on. At least I have that for the work days. I haven't been without a phone since cell phones pretty much came out to the regular person. I got my first phone 12 years ago and this is the first time I'm without one.

As much as I love my iPhone, I really enjoy not having a phone around. I now just keep in touch through email and I really like that. If I absolutely need a phone, I have one at my desk at work that I use for things. So it's not that bad at all. There are just a few of those little concerns that still play around in my head like "what if I were to get in a car accident and need a phone?" or "if I'm out and need to call someone or they need to call me?"

But honestly, so far it has been working out ok. What did we do before cell phones? It wasn't that long ago that people drove to the store and cell phones weren't around. So we have kind of gone back to that time. And it's actually just a breath of fresh air most days. As crazy as I ever thought I would say that, it has grown on me and I'm ok with it.

I think people are getting confused when I say "disconnected". I don't mean disconnected as in not being social and completely out of reach, I mean being disconnected as in I no longer make phone calls or text people from a cell phone. As in we disconnected our phone service. I guess I wasn't clear on that part. Hopefully I am now


  1. It has been a few months now since I got rid of my cellphone and I have fought getting another one tooth and nail, but with the move it makes more sense than a line line plus cheaper. I`ll only be getting a simple pay as you go though. I have loved being unreachable! LOL

  2. I can't even imagine not having a phone on me, but I totally feel you about freaking out when you leave it at home or it dies. It is very frustrating. Unfortunately, I have to have it for my job, but have considered getting just a normal phone without all the added stuff. I haven't gotten that brave yet though. Hopefully soon. totally_rachel

  3. I haven't got an iPhone yet. so far, I haven't died lol! But I do feel that it would be nice to be able to have access to all the cool features of the iPhone some day!

  4. If you're still using it for wifi you're not disconnected hooker.

  5. I actually lost my Dell Streak, which was my life. It was such a big amazing phone, perfect! - When I lost it i had a break down huge 2 yr old fit.. for about a week I mopped around, its been 5 weeks now and I could care less about not having a phone, its kinda of relaxing having piece and quite no one bothering you when you dont want to be bothered - lol couldnt agree more :)

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