Beaus Or Bows? - xoxo Rebecca

Beaus Or Bows?

THURSDAY 08.23.12

Seriously, I have been so out of the blogging world or social media world lately. Ever since we got rid of our phones, I am hardly ever on the internet anymore. I am just so tired after I get home from work that after doing what needs to be done, I'm ready to lay down. So I apologize for such lacks of posts lately. 
I was going to post my pregnancy update tonight since I hit a new week, but I think it will have to wait for the weekend.

Anyway, the topic of this post is just as the title describes it. Beaus or Bows? What does that mean you ask? Well, that is the theme I have decided for the gender reveal party. I have been though so many changes of my mind when it comes to these things and my best friend who is helping doing all the planning sort of came up with this idea and I liked it. I've been finding lots of fun ideas to go along with this theme that are easy and not like my other theme choices I originally was picking where it started to become a bit more complicated.

With officially now less then two months away, I really need to get with her as soon as she is able to make the trip up this way to really start the planning process. This is so me...and if you are asking yourself, "Is she throwing herself her own shower?" The answer is no. My mom and best friend are. I'm just totally and 100% involved in all the decision making. If you knew me, you knew this was me on everything. I can't have things just planned and thrown for me. I have to have a part in everything. It's just who I am. So I'm giving all the ideas and everything how I want it to be and then they are helping executing it into place.

So anyway, with the theme of Beaus or Bows, I've finally chosen a cake *yea!* and me and my best friend have been emailing photos and ideas back and forth. I can't wait til we can get together and head to the stores to look at all the fun and neat things. I'm waiting for her to visit to do all that. It's more exciting that way.

Looking up some ideas online, I wanted to go with a modern, yet sort of vintage style theme of pinks and blues with bows and mustaches. If you have any ideas or suggestions or have seen some really cute sites with ideas, please pass them along in the comment box. I'm so looking for every little inspiration.