twenty-two weeks

Hello everyone. So today is another week along in the pregnancy. Hitting the twenty two-week mark. So last week I did a vlog for my update and this week I am just going to skip a vlog. But anyway, if you watched it last week, you would know that life is a bit complicated at the moment and not going the best, but we are trying. I guess that's the best I can do, right?
Everyday is an up and down. I just wish things would feel secure and normal again. Until it does, it's rough feeling this way especially through a pregnancy when you are already filled with too many emotions and hormones. Marriage problems are not fun to be thrown on top of that.

But anyway..... so here is what seems to be going on this week in the baby bump:

Here is the belly photo for the week:

I took this photo of myself the other day with instagram and really liked how it turned out. However, I look sad which has been my mood for a long time now. Maybe that frown will turn upside down. Regardless I still liked the photo

How far along? 22 weeks {5 months}
Total weight gain/measurements: I lost a pound this week so now it brings me to a total of 9 pounds gained so far since the beginning.
Maternity clothes: Of course
Stretch marks? Nope. I never got them with my first pregnancy so none so far.
Best moment this week: Talking to some great friends helping me through a bit of a hard time. It means the absolute world to me and you know who you are. So thank you :) I love you guys
Miss anything? Breathing. Yes, I can't walk or sit without gasping for air now. I feel like a 900 pound man but this baby is really taking over my ability to breathe normal.
Movement: Nope, no movement yet. But I know baby is in there somewhere :)
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really anything that didn't when I wasn't pregnant. Melted cheese has to be the biggest thing that has always made me feel like throwing up and still does. {I think this will be the same every week unless it really changes}
Gender: Surprise surprise! We will find out in October.
Labour signs: Nope.
Symptoms: I feel as though my cervix is I know that sounds crazy but all the pain is down there. But I know it's nothing but growing pains.
Belly button in or out? In.
Happy or moody most of the time: Still been pretty upset all week. Nothing really has changed. I'm hoping for a bit of a happier week.
Looking forward to: A few smiles and hopefully we can have a nice weekend.  And I have my doctor's appointment next Thursday.

Also, I had thought about releasing the names we had chosen but since this seemed to be the week everyone I seem to know is pregnant decided to do that, I am now waiting until the six month mark to do our name reveal post. There is a boy's name and a girl's name picked out. However, I'm having a bit of a problem thinking of a beautiful middle name for the girl. Maybe I can get some help from all of you in the next couple of weeks.


    Omg i feel the same way about my cervix too! Like i feel like its opening and i get SHARP pains sometimes.
    So wait, you are 22 weeks prego with your 2nd and you dont feel baby yet?? thats odd, you much have a CHILL baby lol

  2. Ooooh...I'm so excited to be following you along with your pregnancy. It's bringing back so many memories. :)

    I'm visiting from the Hop Along Friday hop and I'm following you via GFC, Twitter, and FB.

    Just wanted to leave you a quick word to make sure you've seen our Summer Reading Weekly Book Giveaway. We are giving away free children's books all summer long and the giveaways are open internationally. Week #2 is ON! Thanks so much and have a great week. Cheers, Renee

  3. You look great!! Seriously, I am jealous, I feel and look gross! I can't wait to hear your name choices. :D I'm having trouble with middle names too. And my husband is no help, he doesn't care one way or the other. -_-

  4. I also love that pic of you. So exotic and mysterious. You beautiful bump is gorgeous!!

  5. I love this post Becca. I'm glad to hear that things have calmed down just a little but I seriously hope that you can get over all of these problems soon. This pregnancy should be happy and not so tough, hopefully it'll go smoother from now on.

  6. O you look SO good! I'm jealous you hardly gain any weight! I always gain a TON! I'm pretty down while I'm pregnant. I'm still waiting to be in a better mood and not sooooo moody!

  7. I feel like our names are kind of trendy too but my husband only likes common names... Anything else he says is "weird" or a "hippie name" lol.

  8. Cute belly shot! :) Found you from the linky hop!

  9. Oh that is the cutest little papaya bump ever.

    Stopping by from The Weekend Blog hop and since I'm already following your cuteness here I thought I'd invite ya to add your sweetness to our ALOHA Friday HOP where we laugh cry and mostly share aloha... =)

    Hope to see ya soon,