Sunday Social w.5

Sunday Social

Today I'm participating in the Sunday Social. Click on the button above to join in as well!

This week's questions are all about TV.
1. What is your favorite TV show of the past?
Hands down it is POPULAR! I was so highly addicted to this show back in high school and was so upset it only ran two seasons on the WB from 1999 to 2001. But this was my addiction to television back in the day.

2. What is your current favorite TV show?
Ghost Adventures! Zac and the guys totally crack me up and it sucks we don't have cable so I don't get to watch it regularly anymore. Only only Netflix now {which they need to update and put more episodes on there}

3. Which reality show would you NEVER do?
I would never do Survivor. I don't think I could survive. I'd just end up stabbing myself or something to end the misery. I can't eat bugs or other things like that and it just wouldn't fly at all in my book.

4. Which reality show would you LOVE to do?
I think I would like to be on Shark Tank. I would love to come up with an awesome product and be able to endorse and sell it to make money.

5. What is the TV personality/character that you feel is most like you?
I think I would have to say I can relate a lot to Audrina from The Hills. I just feel we have gone through the same things and she was always one I felt would be most like me.

6. Which TV character would you want to date?
If it can be any character, I would have to say Zac Bagans from Ghost Adventures. I think he's such a  cutie and he makes me laugh.

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  1. I loved popular. It's nice to see some of the actors pop up every now and again. ALthough I wish we knew what happened after the end of season 2. Way to leave us hanging.