My Life Rocks via Instagram Blog Hop

Of course, who doesn't love a good link up? One of my greatest friends just started a new one today and you should all go over and link up with her. It's a fun hop and if you are addicted to Instagram, it's even better since it's an INSTAGRAM BLOG HOP!

Here's your chance to stop by her blog and show off your photos. How fun, right? Click on the button to head over there

Since I haven't taken a ton of photos, I'm just doing some random photos form this month instead of just the week.

1. Popping popcorn over the stove the old fashioned way with real butter on top.
2. Couldn't resist when 7-Eleven was giving away their free slurpees. Had to grab one.
3. My daughter thought it would be great to turn our house into an art gallery.
4. It's never ending Chutes and Ladders in this house.
5. Love a healthy meal. Veggies cooked stove top are so yummy.
6. I love when the egrets come out and play. They are always fun to watch walk around.
7. Just being me
8. Jolly Green...that's what I named this little lizard I grew fond of while he played on the tree outside 
    my job.
9. Took the daughter to the dentist. Love their theme they have going on. It's so hard to get her out of



  1. "real" butter, I don't know what that

    You're such a pretty bitch!

    && wish we had a dental office that looked so calming and fun for kids!

    Thank you for linking up hooker! Totally made my day! :)


  2. I love these photos, I honestly still can't get over how simply amazing that lizard is, you're looking good as always as well :)

  3. Snakes and Ladders, memories! I haven't played this in literally around a decade. Lovely photos xx

    I've done some instagram posts if you want to take a look!

  4. Those picture are really cool! I haven' figured out Instagram yet...

    I am a new folower from the blog hop and hope you can come visit me at

  5. I am loving your blog and I am your newest follower! It's so sweet!
    Found you through Natalie's Florida Link!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

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