seventeen weeks

So as of today, I am seventeen and a half weeks pregnant. And really feel like it. The growing pains have really kicked in. The crampy feeling from that is sometimes a bit more uncomfortable then I can handle at times. Luckily, it doesn't last long when they start.
I have my next doctor's appointment on the 19th which will be also another ultrasound. Actually, the big ultrasound. I'm wanting my husband and daughter to come with me. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get him to go again but it's always fun seeing the baby. And then they can write down for us the gender so I can give it to the baker for the surprise.
My mom and all my friends want me to give them the paper as well with the gender on it. At first, I told them I would but now I'm not so sure I want to. Whats the point of a surprise if everyone already know? So I think I am just going to tell them sorry. I want it to be a surprise for everyone. The only person I will give it to is my mom and the baker. All my friends I'm just going to have them wait like I have to.
I just think I don't want to be the only one left int he dark about it. Plus what if someone accidentally slips up and says "he or she"? Plus I just want to have everyone surprised. It won't be as exciting if everyone already attending knows, ya know? So I think I have decided to turn down their offer and not let them know.

So like I said the new things that has been happening is the growing pains which can be a bit painful but mostly annoying and uncomfortable. The other thing is my weight has been going up and down a lot this week. I seem to have gained a few more pounds putting me at nine pounds total and then it dropped back down to six pounds. So I am not sure exactly where I am.....if I go weigh myself at this exact moment, I would hate it if jumped back up again...let's see....

............................................................................on the scale...................................................................

So yea, it says nine pounds. So I guess for this week, we shall have to put that down as the added weight. Also new this week, my friend has offered to help me plan a baby shower. So that is nice. I spent all last night looking up venues to have it at and had zero luck unfortunately. So that stunk.
Also, I had the shower planned for Labor Day weekend {Sept 2} and then my mom called me last week and said that she would like to attend my shower because she has been left out of every major event that has happened. She never was able to be there for my first baby shower, never could be there for all my wedding planning, and so this would make her feel like she was a part of something.
I hate that my parents live so far away that they can never attend or help with anything. And they always want to. Just can never get the time off of work or be able to travel.
So I really want my mom to be there. But the only thing is, she can't get any vacation time off work until the end of October {when my daughter's birthday party is}. So after being very nervous about having a shower only three weeks from the baby's due date {because my daughter came two weeks early} and just feeling so unprepared.....I decided to clam down and decide that if it means that much to her, is it really that big of a deal to have it so close to the due date?

So I have started planning to have my daughter's birthday party on Saturday and then the baby shower on Sunday. It will make for a very busy weekend. Extremely busy but nothing would make me happier then having my mom there with me. And if something were to happen where the baby came before they left, that would be fine with me. I would need that. But I think it would probably come the week after they leave. Go figure right?

Anyone else have a shower so close to the baby being born? Most people I know who are due in November like me are having their showers next month. I feel that is too early... but that's just me. So that's all the thoughts I guess on my mind for this week!

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