nineteen weeks

Woo-hoo nineteen weeks today! One more week and we are at the halfway mark. Awesome! I said it before and I'll say it again, this pregnancy seems to be going by really slow!!!! Really slow. I mean slow slow. I'm really hoping it starts to speed up a bit. I kind of feel like I've been pregnant forever however, since we've been trying to have another baby for three years, I'm also totally excited about the pregnancy.

Here's what is going on this week:

Here is belly picture for the week:

I feel like I look smaller in the photo from last week but I surely have felt more huge to me. I feel like a beach whale at this point. I have now gained a total of ten pounds which isn't bad. I wish it were less but that's ok. Still doing great the doctor said on weight gain. If I continue the pace I'm at, I will be at 21 pounds total for the entire pregnancy and I'm only supposed to gain no more then 25 pounds so I'm crossing my fingers I stay in the good weight gain zone and don't go over.

Well, this week was a lot of different things going on baby wise. WE HAD THE GENDER ULTRASOUND! How exciting huh? Here are the photos of our little one at 18weeks and 5days along

Notice how there is only the upper body shown? That's because I refused to find out the gender and only requested to view the baby from the waist up. So we got the photos of just that. This baby is very inactive...though it is still very healthy. It just likes to lounge around. Hardly any movement. It was shifting it's head back and forth a lot and moving it's arms.

So I want people to guess what the gender will be. I have my guess in now I want yours!

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The cutest thing was when the tech first put the machine down on my stomach, the baby had it's hand pressed against my tummy so we got to see the palm of it's hand and it made a "waving at us" motion. It was too cool. I wish we could have caught a photo of that but didn't. That's ok though.

My daughter went with me and she was so curious (being five years old) of everything going on and asking everything the tech was doing. And she was a smart one too. It was funny. There was a point where the tech was measuring the baby's head and then the spine and I had this conversation with my daughter as head was being measured:

Me: So what do you think it is?
My daughter: Uh, you can't see that's the baby's head?
Me: *laughing* I meant what do you think it's going to be?
My daughter: *tech measuring the spine right now* Mommy, that's a tummy. I see it. you don't see that's a tummy?

Me and the the tech were laughing because obviously I was asking about the gender of the baby to her and she was quick with those answers to out-smart me. She said exactly what she saw. That girl is too smart for her age I tell ya. It made for a funny visit to say the least. The baby measured in at 8oz which is still right on target with everything. I was told I had what they call a "Placenta Pillow". I never heard of it before and thought the worst. But she said it's nothing to worry about. It just means there was an extra growth between the baby and the uterus and so it cushions the baby even more. So I may have a hard time feeling the baby kick or move.

I was told by the doctor that would probably start feeling the baby move around week 22. However, now with this, I may not start feeling any movement until around week 30. And when I do, it will be very light. So I'm not worried about that. My daughter used to kick me so hard when I was pregnant with her that I can stand not feeling any kicks this time around.

I had a meeting with the doctor afterward and he said everything in the ultrasounds are looking fantastic and everything is going great with the baby. No need for any worries. The heartbeat was measuring at 151 beats per minute and so it has been pretty smooth sailing.

This week too was my follow up appointment for the cancer they found that returned. I posted not too long ago the story about when I had cancer and was now testing positive for it again and so I had to go back and have testing done to see how far it has progressed. Good news! The cancer cells are not visible and the hormones from the pregnancy triggered them back up again but it's a false alarm. The tests they did to me were tests he could tell me right away what they found. Everything looked no need for concern. Such a relief. Now I don't have to worry about pregnancy and cancer.

Told you it's been a crazy week for me. So until next week's update I guess this is it for now. Next week is that magical 20 weeks. Yea!

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  1. Lol your daughter is so funny!

    You are lucky you can't feel kicks, mine is waking me up all night! My daughter was not half this active.