eighteen weeks

I am eighteen weeks {well technically 18.5 but that's ok} as of this week. My week's begin on Thursday so this is still in the week for me.
I still seem to be at the same weight as last week of a total of nine pounds gained. This week I got off the better food habit and had a bit more junk then I have had in the past. That's not good. I need to get back on healthy foods and water this week. 
But I have my two doctor's appointments this week. I have my scary one tomorrow which I ma not looking forward to at all. However, the only nice thing about it is I only have to work a half day tomorrow and then get to leave by 12:30pm so it will be a short day at least so I can get to the doctor.
And then Tuesday is the gender ultrasound. I really still am not anxious at all to know the sex of the baby. So strange since I'm normally that type of person that has to know everything and anything for preparation. But we are fine with not knowing. I'm just going to close my eyes when the technician starts exploring down there so I don't ruin the surprise for myself later. At least next post on this, I'll have ultrasound photos to share with you all! That will be exciting.

So here is what is going on this week with baby bean..........btw, the image below is supposed to be a sweet potato but looks more like something else strange to me.

Here's baby bean belly at 18 weeks....almost to the halfway mark now!

Am I looking like a pregnant woman yet? I sure feel like it. Belly is really wide out there.

I also saw this on a friend's Facebook page a while ago and thought it to be interesting. It is a map of maternity leave in other countries compared to the US. Shows you just how much they really care about mothers in this country. However, my job is willing to pay five weeks at 70% pay so I guess that is better then nothing. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the job I had didn't offer any maternity leave or benefits. So I guess five weeks off and 70% of my pay is better then what I had the first time around. Still sucks though. Take a look at the chart:

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