Blog Star: Hi I'm Rebecca

So I'm going to jump on the bandwagon with this {as most of the others bloggers I know have} and link up with Mrs. Monologues for her Blog Star event going on now.

Hi, I'm Rebecca and this is my blog. I never thought I would get this involved in blogging and my blog has changed names over the course of it's {almost} two years running. Not to mention the countless design changes I have made as well.

My blog's title is "Let Them Eat Cake". However, don't let that name fool you. I am actually not a fan of cake at all and pretty much will not touch the stuff. My blog title is from my Marie Antoinette obsession. She is the inspiration behind many things and ideas I come up with. It was only appropriate that I use her as my blog's inspiration as well. {Even though she is known for the saying, she never actually said it} So here are some fun facts about me to prove I'm a Blog Star! {you probably already know them, but that just means you love me lots}

I know I'm a day late but that's ok :) I'm sure I'm forgiven on that one

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