Wordless Wednesday - Corner

So it's been a few weeks {ok, maybe almost a few months} since I last posted my WW link up. So I'm doing it again. Join and link up your photos.

Wordless Wednesday
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So the photo I'm using this week is one I took today and I thought it was pretty funny.
I was on my lunch break today and while sitting outside waiting on my food, I noticed this guy standing at the business next door. He was holding a sign that said "Don't Waste Your Money Here". The business was a used car dealership. The owner must have really pissed off the guy a lot to have him out in that hot sun picketing away.
It was amusing watching people walk up to him to talk to him or people drive by and honk. It's never a dull moment during lunch time.


  1. I can't believe that guy being so mad at the dealership that he'd stand there picketing, awesome photo Rebecca.