thirteen weeks

Well look who finally was able to do a post on the right day? Yea for me! That is right. Today I turned officially 13 weeks. Do you know what that means? Goodbye first trimester and hello second. Thank goodness. I couldn't wait to to get out of that first stage.

So looking back, the first trimester was crappy and awful for 98% of the time and I did however manage to stay within the weight guidelines. I read you should gain between 1-5 pounds within the first three months. I gained four. So not too bad. However, I feel horribly fat. And to clear that, not like a fat stomach. I have said I feel fat and got attacked and was told I need to stop it and I'm needing to have a growing belly. That's not where I feel fat. Trust me. I'm perfectly fine and actually like the belly look.

You know how we all have that one place where we feel like we gain weight the most? Some people it is in their thighs, others their butt, or your, its in my neck. I hate that feeling. I feel like I have a swollen neck and it feels so fat and nasty. That's my little fat tad for ya. So because I have gotten a bit off of my super strict healthy diet and kind of been eating some pizza and other things that aren't the healthiest.. not fast food or processed food. Just like some candy and things I stopped eating and now eating some. I'm not over doing it, but because I started it back up, I feel like all the weight I was so proud of losing is slowly coming back. however, only 4 pounds. I feel a lot worse I think then I actually look.

Here's what's going on this week:

I'm a peach!

Here's belly bump photo for the week. It's starting to really poke out a lot now. No hiding this tummy at all.

So this week sadly I've been losing sleep again. What happened? Last week I was finally getting some sleep and thinking that was the end of those darn sleepless nights. Nope. And back up every two hours to pee....grrr.....last week spoiled me a bit.

The sickness feeling has gone down. Last week it did and now this week it's still down which is awesome. I just seem to only throw up every morning in the shower. I just do. But other then that, I feel ok throughout the day. Sometimes in the afternoons I don't feel so hot. And lately I've been having pains feeling like I pulled a muscle. I know its just growing pains. But it's still annoying and hurts.

I got a phone call from the doctor's office letting me know they got my blood work back and everything came back good except one thing. I'm extremely deficient in vitamin D. I really am not surprised. I wasn't getting it. I do not drink milk or any other dairy product. Nor eat any. Rarely {once a month} have a slice of cheese. That's not enough. So they had me order the vitamins on top of taking the prenatals. So hopefully at my 15 week appointment, I'll be better and my tests will come back that it's working.

Other then that, I don't think there is anything else. So I guess this is it until next week's update.


  1. Aw I love your peachy bump x x

  2. I'm glad to hear you're out of your first trimester now Rebecca, here's hoping it's better than the first one was.

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  4. Congrats and Woohoo to goodbye 1st trimester ! I remember the 2nd one was the best and the 3rd your like come on out already LOL .. New Follower here from blog hop :)

  5. I always got morning sickness so bad! good luck with the rest of your pregnancy & into 2nd trimester. lovey blog first time visitor found you via a hop. I am over @
    pop by sometime.

  6. Adorable baby bump! Stopping by from the Sunday Blog Hop - following via GFC. Hoping you will stop by and visit me too!

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