Mother's Day

So of course, it's Mother's Day. Wishing all my beautiful friends out here who are mommies a very warm and fuzzy Mother's Day. As for me, we did have some plans. We were supposed to go to the movies and see "The Avengers". However, the Mr. is not feeling well and for me, I honestly have no interest in seeing it. I was only going to go because it would be something we would go do together. So since he wasn't feeling well, he said I could take our daughter to see it who really wants to. But I seriously just feel like sitting here doing nothing. Like I said, it's not a movie I really have any interest in seeing anyways.
So she was a bit upset but I made a deal with the Mr. Since his birthday is tomorrow and he saw it yesterday {but would see it again}, I told him while I'm at work, he can take her to the movies and they would both enjoy it more then I would.
So that's the plan. They can go tomorrow as a birthday outing while mommy is at work and I'm totally fine with that. I got to take her out yesterday on a lunch date and walk around the mall. I'm good for today with just staying home.
So what are your Mother's Day plans? Anyone get anything really special or do anything special?

And for those who are into some humor, here is a "warm, fuzzy" greeting to all of you!

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