ten weeks

First off, I would like to say sorry to those who have left comments and they are now deleted. I have been trying to play around with different comments boxes and things and so in the process, the comments left have been deleted over the past couple of days. I'm so sorry. It wasn't that I deleted your comments on purpose. I just now can't seem to get them back.

So onto this week's update. Yes I know... this was supposed to be posted last Thursday.
So I've reached ten weeks and here is what the update says:

A prune! Yea!!!! At least it's getting bigger. I can't wait for my doctors appointment to see the ultrasound. And I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I will not be finding out the sex of the baby just yet. Not until the gender reveal shower toward the very end of pregnancy.

Is it bad that I've been all up in this baby mess already? I've already designed the shower invitations, picked out the shower theme and even started registering. Yea, I know....but I think I started doing all this last time around too at this time. I like to plan early for everything. So this is no surprise for those that know me.

Here is week ten's belly photo:

Nothing new to report. Still not getting any sleep nor feeling well. I wake up every two hours to pee and it takes me an hour to fall back asleep. So of course, that makes for no sleep and a very cranky girl during the day. Especially at work. Makes for long days and terrible headaches. I hate this. I thought I would be able to get some sleep this first trimester but not at all. The sleepless-ness gets worse it seems like each night.
So yea, still nothing positive to report. Blah!

But I did find this funny tweet that of course, made me try it.  I'm sure you will too :)

And of course, a sweet treat was in order. I love blackberries so much. I normally eat them raw with nothing on them, but they were so good with a bit of sugar to sweeten the deal.


  1. I tried that tweet and failed to sound Australian as well haha. Blackberries are so delicious as well by the way, you deserve a treat considering all you're going through Rebecca!

  2. So excited that I could be your 900th follower!

    Gosh, I wake up and pee several times a night as it is, I can't imagine being pregnant!

  3. wow ten weeks already -- i am so outta the loop & sorry for being such a lame-o bloggy friend!

    yummo @ those blackberries -- they are outta season here and not worth the astronomical prices!

  4. Awe, congrats!!! I am VERY impressed that you have the shower and other details completed! WOW! You're on it lady :)