nine weeks

So I'm getting worse and worse trying to post these on time. As of Thursday, I am nine weeks. This first trimester just seems to be going slower and slower. The good news is I am getting closer and closer to my doctor's visit so I am excited about that. Three weeks to go.

So here's all whats been going on in week nine:

And here is baby belly photo for week nine:

Of course, it doesn't seem like there's been much progress from week to week. But I've been getting a bit puffier. Very much noticed it in my clothes. I finally went this weekend and bought my first pair of maternity clothes. Jeans just don't seem to be my friend anymore. Nothing likes to button or zip and when I do get it to, I can't breathe. So that's no good.
But this weekend I found a great sale at a consignment store for expecting mothers and babies. They had a sale where anything that would fit in the bag was just $10. That was only on baby clothes. Since I don't have a need just quite yet for those, I went for their maternity clothes. Those were on sale 80% off. Seriously, I paid $2.00 per item.  I only got one pair of pants and two shirts. All together I spent $6.00. I was like that's awesome. I've never consignment shopped before. I have only taken my things to one to sell. I wanted to get more pants but they mostly had only shorts or capris and I can't wear any of those to work. So I could only find one pair I liked. I then went to another consignment shop I knew of, but they didn't have anything I liked.
I'll be going to Motherhood Maternity with my parents next month when they come down and they'll take me shopping. I love that store so much. It's all I shopped when I was pregnant the first time.

So pretty much no change in symptoms since last week. Still not getting a good nights sleep. Waking up a million times to pee and every little thing wakes me up too. Which means I'm getting more migraines and can't do anything about it. Can't take anything for them now. The sick feeling is still fully there all the time and I hate it. Please just go away. The only thing is I'm not that tired and still have my energy however, because of the nausea and the headaches, it makes me feel so lazy and not feel like doing anything. Some days at work are hard because of that. Not like I can just lay down and rest ya know? If I were an at home mom, it would be different. I could rest a lot more.

And lately, I've been wanting to eat pizza. Just pizza. My husband is so sick of looking at pizza but it's all I want. I have been eating a lot of salads and fruit but I'm just always wanting pizza. Today and yesterday was really bad. All I've had is pizza and ice cream. He says I'm a freak. Oh

But since I was feeling really crappy yesterday afternoon and this morning, the husband made me a very delicious breakfast. My favorite. Waffles and strawberries. So yummy. It was just as amazing as it looked. He was nice once today...hahaha. Just kidding

Thats all for now. Hopefully I can post next week's on the right day :)


  1. I remember a friend of mine once saying that while there was no visible difference in her body because it was her body she knew it was changing and I guess this is what's happening with you Rebecca. Best luck with everything, those waffles look so delicious!

  2. I saw your breakfast pic on instagram and it looked soooo good! I love reading other peoples pregnancy update posts.

  3. Awww...I did not know you were expecting! Ever since Google connect took over I have not been getting my blog feeds correctly. Congrats! I'm so excited, looking for to following your pregnancy.