eleven weeks

Again, you all seem to know the drill with my pregnant self. Can't seem to be able to post much during the week due to being so tired and drained after I get home from work in the evenings. My week starts on Thursday with my pregnancy so we hit a new week. Eleven weeks!!!! yea!!!!! Although the even-numbered weeks feel more like milestones to me for some reason.

But we are a little over halfway to the halfway point...hahaha... And the best part is..............
I have my first doctor's appointment scheduled on Wednesday. OMG, I'm so overly joyed you have no idea. I have not wanted to go more to a doctor in my life as I have these past weeks. And now I'm officially able to. They said depending on what the doctor says, he may or may not do an ultrasound. I tell you right now...I will be completely crushed if they don't. But I'll do whatever it takes to have one done. I just need some ease, some closure....something that I know everything is going normal.

I have not really had anything feel or happen yet that would make me feel there is something wrong or not going right. But you know.... my mind can't stop thinking about the good and the bad all the time. So on my next update for twelve weeks, I'll let you know how it went and hopefully be able to share some little jelly bean photos for you all. I really hope I like the doctor I am going to go see. I was not at all happy with the doctor I had when I was pregnant with my daughter and so I'm hoping this is a better experience. I chose this doctor because he was voted one of the tops in my city, he is also the only one in my area that will deliver to the hospital I want to be at, and he takes me insurance. That's always a plus, right?

Here is what "What To Expect When Expecting" says this week:

And here is the belly photo for this week. I didn't do bare belly this time. My tummy looks a lot different when clothed but looks a bit more normal LOL

I have to tell you, this week has been a bit of an up and down week as far as symptoms. It's now on and off which is a bit better than the constant horrible sickness feeling all the time I was having. I feel so much better on the weekends than I do during the weekdays. I think because I have to get up early which always upsets my stomach and then I can't ever stop feeling queasy during the day.
I believe Thursday was the only day at work I felt "normal".
During the afternoons and evenings, the sickness feeling comes back too. I actually was able to sleep two nights this week which was amazing considering I have only had about 4 hours of sleep each night since I got pregnant.
But I really wish I could have slept more last night. It wasn't a good night for sleep. Maybe three hours at the most I got. And lately, too, the cramping pains have started to come back every now and again. But I know those are growing pains. Just annoying and hurt. As of this week, I was doing good on weight. Not gaining anything. Now, it seems it all caught up with me as I have gained a few pounds. I can't remember how much but I seem to feel it and am not happy about that. No one likes feeling fat.

Oh yea, I told you last week I was already starting the process of all the baby shower planning. Well here is a sample of the shower invite I have been working on. It's still a work in process and of course, I whited out some info on the card. Let me know what you all think. I'm not a graphic designer. I'm an illustrator but I like designing but I have no idea what I am doing. So if anyone sees something wrong with it, let me know:

Of course, the file isn't this blurry. It just exported out that way for the time being. And the theme I have chosen was bumblebees {grey, buttercup yellow, and a hint of black here and there} and I'm going to be putting a bee on the invite as well. Just haven't gotten it drawn out yet.

Well, I guess that's about it for this week. Like I said, next week will be more exciting!

You can also check Life as Mama for tips on losing baby weight.


  1. I'm sorry to hear things are beginning to heat up Rebecca, it'll be worth it when you get your darling in your arms though, remember there's a huge difference between being fat and pregnant too!

  2. congratulations on your pregnancy : )

  3. I wish I'd been a blogger when I was pregnant with my daughter. So neat to be able to chronicle it. Thank you for sharing! =)

  4. I wish I'd been a blogger when I was pregnant with my daughter. So neat to be able to chronicle it. Thank you for sharing! =)

  5. My weeks start on Thursday too! I hope you got your ultrasound! I know some drs will do it to make sure you conceived when you think you did. And I hope you like your dr. I didn't like mine w/my daughter either but I love this one.