Edit Me 2012 - Week 15

Another week of Edit Me Challenge. Oh how I love these little link ups. This week's photo submission is from Kristy.

If I had to label myself , I'd likely have the term Artistic Entrepreneur stamped to my head. I come from family sporting either the same or similar stamps. I don't know if the word ambitious even beginnings to touch the way I like to steer the wheel. I was received my first published artwork in a coffee table book at the age of 18. Signed up with agency and moved across the country a year later. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. I later became a public relations director and along the way a graphic designer. My passion for photography has never changed. I currently design templates, textures, and branding materials for photographers in my home office. I am filled with gratitude each and every day. It's not a secret, "Dreams Do Come True"!


So here is Kristy's original photo supplied:

And here is my edit I created:

So what I basically did was take the exposure so that it lightened up the background and elements. Then I used a focus to wrap around the butterfly lightly to just make it stand out slightly more then the rest of the objects. And then I typed in a quote I found. Not too much done to this one but that's alright.
Edit Me


  1. Great change to the exposure, it really softened it up! The quote is inspiring too and perfect for the image! Thanks for joining us in the Edit Me Challenge!

  2. Love the quote! Thanks for participating in Edit Me again this week!!! =)