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eleven weeks

Again, you all seem to know the drill with my pregnant self. Can't seem to be able to post much during the week due to being so tired and drained after I get home from work in the evenings. My week's start on Thursday with my pregnancy so we hit a new week. Eleven weeks!!!! yea!!!!! Although the even numbered weeks feel more like milestones to me for some reason.
But we are a little over halfway to the halfway point...hahaha... And the best part is..............
I have my first doctor's appointment scheduled on Wednesday. OMG I'm so overly joyed you have no idea. I have not wanted to go more to a doctor in my life as I have these past weeks. And now I'm officially able to. They said depending what the doctor says, he may or may not do an ultrasound. I tell you right now...I will be completely crushed if they don't. But I'll do whatever it takes to have one done. I just need some ease, some closure....something that I know everything is going normal.
I have not really had anything feel or happen yet that would make me feel there is something wrong or not going right. But you know.... my mind can't stop thinking about the good and the bad all the time. So on my next update for twelve weeks, I'll let you know how it went and hopefully be able to share some little jelly bean photos for you all. I really hope I like the doctor I am going to go see. I was not at all happy with the doctor I had when I was pregnant with my daughter and so I'm hoping this is a better experience. I chose this doctor because he was voted one of the top in my city, he is also the only one in my area that will deliver to the hospital I want to be at, and he takes me insurance. That's always a plus right?

Here is what "What To Expect When Expecting" says this week:

And here is belly photo for this week. I didn't do bare belly this time. My tummy looks a lot different when clothed but looks a bit more normal LOL

I have to tell you, this week has been a bit of an up and down week as far as symptoms. It's now on and off which is a bit better then the constant horrible sickness feeling all the time I was having. I feel so much better on the weekends then I do during the weekdays. I think because I have to get up early which always upsets my stomach and then I can't ever stop feeling queasy during the day.
I believe Thursday was the only day at work I felt "normal".
During the afternoons and evenings the sickness feeling comes back too. I actually was able to sleep two nights this week which was amazing considering I have only had about 4 hours of sleep each night since I got pregnant.
But I really wish I could have slept more last night. It wasn't a good night for sleep. Maybe three hours at the most I got. And lately too, the cramping pains have started to come back every now and again. But I know those are growing pains. Just annoying and hurt. As of this week, i was doing good on weight. Not gaining anything. Now, it seems it all caught up with me as I have gained a few pounds. I can't remember how much but I seem to feel it and not happy by that. No one likes feeling fat.

Oh yea, I told you last week I was already starting the process of all the baby shower planning. Well here is a sample of the shower invite I have been working on. It's still a work in process and of course, I whited out some info on the card.  Let me know what you all think. I'm not a graphic designer. I'm an illustrator but I like designing but I have no idea what i am doing. So if anyone sees something wrong with it, let me know:

 Of course, the file isn't this blurry. It just exported out that way for the time being. And the theme I have chosen was bumble bees {grey, buttercup yellow and a hint of black here and there} and I'm going to be putting a bee on the invite as well. Just haven't gotten it drawn out yet.

 Well, I guess that's about it for this week. Like I said, next week will be more exciting!

That Friday Blog Hop {44}

So yea! The week is almost over and the weekend is almost here. You know what that means! That Friday Blog Hop is up and running.

I have no rules. Rules are made to be broken anyway right? So what’s the point of posting any. Link up any and all your social networking.

So let another Friday come and hopefully get a bunch of blogs and other sites linked on here

That Friday Blog Hop

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Also I think a co-host thing would be pretty cool. So if you are interested in that, feel free to shoot me an email. What do you all think? Would that interest anyone?

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young and restless

Edit #7 - Flip Flop Challenge

So I love participating in these weekly photo editing challenges. And wouldn't you know, this week I'm actually one of the guest judges! Pretty cool right? So over at Little Adventures a photo I took with my iPhone last October when my parents flew down for a visit. We went to Daytona Beach and on a walk down the beach, I snapped this photo. And this is the photo that is up for editing:

So click on the button below to go over to her site and participate in the editing challenge. Can't wait to see what everyone can create!

Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge

ten weeks

First off, I would like to say sorry to those who have left comments and they are now deleted. I have been trying to play around with different comments boxes and things and so in the process, the comments left have been deleted over the past couple of days. I'm so sorry. It wasn't that I deleted your comments on purpose. I just now can't seem to get them back.

So onto this week's update. Yes I know... this was supposed to be posted last Thursday.
So I've reached ten weeks and here is what the update says:

A prune! Yea!!!! At least it's getting bigger. I can't wait for my doctors appointment to see the ultrasound. And I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I will not be finding out the sex of the baby just yet. Not until the gender reveal shower toward the very end of pregnancy.

Is it bad that I've been all up in this baby mess already? I've already designed the shower invitations, picked out the shower theme and even started registering. Yea, I know....but I think I started doing all this last time around too at this time. I like to plan early for everything. So this is no surprise for those that know me.

Here is week ten's belly photo:

Nothing new to report. Still not getting any sleep nor feeling well. I wake up every two hours to pee and it takes me an hour to fall back asleep. So of course, that makes for no sleep and a very cranky girl during the day. Especially at work. Makes for long days and terrible headaches. I hate this. I thought I would be able to get some sleep this first trimester but not at all. The sleepless-ness gets worse it seems like each night.
So yea, still nothing positive to report. Blah!

But I did find this funny tweet that of course, made me try it.  I'm sure you will too :)

And of course, a sweet treat was in order. I love blackberries so much. I normally eat them raw with nothing on them, but they were so good with a bit of sugar to sweeten the deal.

Child Denied Because Of Where We Live

So I have been meaning to write about this topic for a while and just never got around to it. I think mainly because we were so mad by it but now, things have calmed down. It has to do with public schools and registration.

At the beginning of the month, it was the day to enroll my daughter at the Elementary School for Kindergarten registration. I took off work that day and me and my husband both went together. Let me start off by staying the reason we moved to the area that we did is because the elementary school here is the top rated school in our county and we knew this is where we wanted her to attend. So we found a place right around the corner from the school and have been living here for over a year now.
When registering for kindergarten, they sure make you jump through every hoop in the book. We had to bring her official state issued birth certificate, shot records, her social security card, both of our driver's license, two utility bills, and our entire lease agreement notarized.....it was a lot to keep track of.

So I was able to get all that together and we went to the school. Stood in line for a while, spent about an hour filling out paperwork and then when I walked up to the counter with everything, the lady looked at our lease and said, "oh, you live in an apartment? I'm sorry, your daughter cannot go to school here." I thought I heard her wrong and she told us that we would have to go down to the school board and talk to them about school placement.

I was a bit shocked. We didn't know what was going on. We kept asking, how can this be right...this is the only school in the city limits and what does it mean that she can't go to school here. The lady just instructed us where the school board was and to go discuss our questions with them.
So we went down there and talked to someone. We were there for a very long time arguing this. Basically the short end of the story is that if you live in an apartment, you have to be transferred to the next city over to attend school because they feel they need to make it more "diversified". That is some bull crap. So we have a school that our child can walk to and now she will have to attend school in a city that I am not comfortable with her going into and the school is 30 mins away.

They said that the government made this a law about three years ago for this county. Only if you live in a house, can your child attend school here. We live in the most nicest area over here and of course, all the Orlando Magic basketball players live over here and I guess they feel if you have to rent an apartment, then your child is too poor to be around the rich kids. So they ship them off to the next town over which is known for it's "not so good crime and overall bad part". However, I highly am upset because I don't consider apartment living here to be "poor" living. Not when the average monthly rent is around $1500 a month. I think in our area it's $1100-1800 a month for an apartment and we have looked into renting a house but those are around $2000-$4000 a month and I can't afford that for two bedrooms. Although I have been trying to rent a house for years now. Just can't afford it at the moment. Only apartments are in our budget.

If I wanted my child to attend school there, I would have moved there. But we moved here and now there's a debate going on. So now we have to just wait to see where the government finds her fit to attend one of the schools over there based on "diversity" and then we can register her for kindergarten. They said it would be anywhere between now and one week before school begins. We want to fight this. We asked if we want to put in a transfer can we? The lady told us we could, but since she is on the school board, she will not approve it. No one that lives in an apartment is allowed to attend school in this city. It's against government policy.

She gave us three options: 1) Move into a house. 2) Keep her home for a year and wait til next year to try again and see if she gets in after we have found a house {I'm not having a 7 year old in kindergarten. No way}. and 3) Home-school her.

So much for help, right? The longer we live here, the more I start hating how backwards this area really is. My husband wants to get a lawyer and fight this. There should be no reason if we live right around the corner from the school why she should have to be transported to a whole other city. Makes no sense at all since we are in the school district zone. Like I said, this place has so many things backwards. Remember my story not too long ago about the cops? Yea, doesn't this sound like the same thing? Gosh, I really want to get away from Florida most days.

The Nail Files

I'm linking up with awesome Vicki & Tara for another round of The Nail Files

The Nail Files
This week I bought a new color. Something a bit different from my normal collection of colors. 
I used NYC's Water Street Blue

April Showers Bring May Flowers...& Sponsors Too!

Hello lovelies! As we start the process of winding down another month going by, I'd like to take the time to thank all my sponsors who are not only wonderful, but great bloggers themselves! So please check each one of their blogs out. I love all these ladies and I know you will too. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, it's easy. Just go HERE and fill out the form to join in.














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Hey hey hey, it's that time again. Another Friday almost here and that means time to link up with That Friday Blog Hop. Of course, as always, I never have rules. Just link up. That's all that matters anyway and find some other people to follow.

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Flip Flop Challenge #7

I caught the very end of the link up and today starts the new week for it so here's another one for you. Did I mention that I was the winner for the last photo edit? How awesome is that? I love that. So now here is this week's photo asked to be edited:

And here is my edit done:

The original photo was beautiful in itself but since it was part of the edit challenge, I took a bit of a stab at it. I didn't crop this time. But I changed up the vibrancy then added a bit of sunset glow to warm up the photo a bit, sharpened it and then smoothed some areas down. Then topped it off with a quote that reads:
No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother's love. - Edwin H. Chapin

Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge

Throwback Thursday - 1985

I'm linking up today with Monica over at Monica's Notebook for her Throwback Thursday link up. And now also adding to Camille over at Crazy Mama for her Flashback Friday as well!

So I found a photo of myself and brother back from good ol' 1985 when I was just three years old and he was two. We were living in beautiful Alaska at the time and for those of you who have been there know it's a crazy state weather wise. Because of the dark months there, we stayed indoors a lot.

And one of my favorite things to play was pretending I was

I thought I was such a bad-ass pretending to be her and this is a photo of me and my brother playing Punky Brewster. I was the cool kid and he was my side-kick. I look as though I'm about to cut someone LOL

Flip Flop Challenge #6

So I really love doing photo editing challenges and today I stumbled across this one. This is my first time participating in it and it seems the same rules apply just like all the rest.

So here is the original photo asked to be edited:

And here is my edit:

I really didn't do much. I cropped the image in to off center the girl. I brought up the vibrancy 
and exposure. Softened the image a bit and added a quote.

Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge

nine weeks

So I'm getting worse and worse trying to post these on time. As of Thursday, I am nine weeks. This first trimester just seems to be going slower and slower. The good news is I am getting closer and closer to my doctor's visit so I am excited about that. Three weeks to go.

So here's all whats been going on in week nine:

And here is baby belly photo for week nine:

Of course, it doesn't seem like there's been much progress from week to week. But I've been getting a bit puffier. Very much noticed it in my clothes. I finally went this weekend and bought my first pair of maternity clothes. Jeans just don't seem to be my friend anymore. Nothing likes to button or zip and when I do get it to, I can't breathe. So that's no good.
But this weekend I found a great sale at a consignment store for expecting mothers and babies. They had a sale where anything that would fit in the bag was just $10. That was only on baby clothes. Since I don't have a need just quite yet for those, I went for their maternity clothes. Those were on sale 80% off. Seriously, I paid $2.00 per item.  I only got one pair of pants and two shirts. All together I spent $6.00. I was like that's awesome. I've never consignment shopped before. I have only taken my things to one to sell. I wanted to get more pants but they mostly had only shorts or capris and I can't wear any of those to work. So I could only find one pair I liked. I then went to another consignment shop I knew of, but they didn't have anything I liked.
I'll be going to Motherhood Maternity with my parents next month when they come down and they'll take me shopping. I love that store so much. It's all I shopped when I was pregnant the first time.

So pretty much no change in symptoms since last week. Still not getting a good nights sleep. Waking up a million times to pee and every little thing wakes me up too. Which means I'm getting more migraines and can't do anything about it. Can't take anything for them now. The sick feeling is still fully there all the time and I hate it. Please just go away. The only thing is I'm not that tired and still have my energy however, because of the nausea and the headaches, it makes me feel so lazy and not feel like doing anything. Some days at work are hard because of that. Not like I can just lay down and rest ya know? If I were an at home mom, it would be different. I could rest a lot more.

And lately, I've been wanting to eat pizza. Just pizza. My husband is so sick of looking at pizza but it's all I want. I have been eating a lot of salads and fruit but I'm just always wanting pizza. Today and yesterday was really bad. All I've had is pizza and ice cream. He says I'm a freak. Oh well..lol

But since I was feeling really crappy yesterday afternoon and this morning, the husband made me a very delicious breakfast. My favorite. Waffles and strawberries. So yummy. It was just as amazing as it looked. He was nice once today...hahaha. Just kidding

Thats all for now. Hopefully I can post next week's on the right day :)

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So yea! The week is almost over and the weekend is almost here. You know what that means! That Friday Blog Hop is up and running.

I have no rules. Rules are made to be broken anyway right? So what’s the point of posting any. Link up any and all your social networking.

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PrintRunner 250 Sticker Giveaway!

I'm excited to be able to host this giveaway from PrintRunner. They are allowing me to give someone the chance to win 250 stickers. Now that's a lot of stickers. PrintRunner is not only provide sticker printing services but also other online printing services.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Disclaimer - Thank you to PrintRunner for providing this giveaway, I will receive a set of stickers for hosting this.

Edit Me 2012 - Week 15

Another week of Edit Me Challenge. Oh how I love these little link ups. This week's photo submission is from Kristy.

If I had to label myself , I'd likely have the term Artistic Entrepreneur stamped to my head. I come from family sporting either the same or similar stamps. I don't know if the word ambitious even beginnings to touch the way I like to steer the wheel. I was received my first published artwork in a coffee table book at the age of 18. Signed up with agency and moved across the country a year later. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. I later became a public relations director and along the way a graphic designer. My passion for photography has never changed. I currently design templates, textures, and branding materials for photographers in my home office. I am filled with gratitude each and every day. It's not a secret, "Dreams Do Come True"!


So here is Kristy's original photo supplied:

And here is my edit I created:

So what I basically did was take the exposure so that it lightened up the background and elements. Then I used a focus to wrap around the butterfly lightly to just make it stand out slightly more then the rest of the objects. And then I typed in a quote I found. Not too much done to this one but that's alright.
Edit Me

The No-Candy Easter Bunny

So, it's Easter. And even though we are not a religious family, Easter is still fun to celebrate with the kids minus all the religious stuff. So of course, most of you know we have been a healthy-eating family for a few months now and I knew this day would come.
What to do when Easter is non-stop all candy all the time? Well, we decided not to do the candy this year. No Easter baskets. Not in a traditional sense anyway. My daughter didn't wake up to a 30 pound chocolate mound of candy. Not like last year. Last year I swear between all the relatives sending her things, she had like 25 pounds of candy.
So I took her to an Easter egg hunt yesterday at our community's clubhouse where the kids could hunt for the eggs. They had tickets and money inside of them. She got two tickets and three dollars. You then traded in your tickets for prizes. I was glad cause I didn't want her to have all that candy. There were only a few eggs that had candy and that was ok. A few pieces were good enough for me.
I love the fact they put money in the eggs. Really encouraged the kids to find them all. Also, yesterday was her first time ever having her photo taken with the Easter Bunny. She has never taken a photo with Santa or the Easter Bunny {against my husband's rules} so we have never bothered taking her to do so.
But since the Easter Bunny was at the egg hunt and it was in our community, I knew who was in the costume and so I let her get her photo taken with Mr. Bunny.

Then we dyed eggs. She non-stopped begged and complained to do these damn eggs. So finally, they were ready to dye and we sat there and dyed them together {me & her....the husband doesn't do the "holiday" things}. So it went pretty well. She was impatient and not wanting to wait most fo the time for the colors to settle in. But we finally made it through two dozen with a couple cracked ones that she dropped while trying to color them.

And so for our Easter basket, my parents sent us a very large fruit basket from Edible Arrangements. They did this in the past and we liked it. The last time they sent us this one:

It was pretty good except the bunnies were made out of pineapple and we aren't too big of fans of that. So this year they sent us this one:

It was really good too. Chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, melons and grapes. I ate almost the entire thing already. Perfect Easter basket for someone who doesn't want candy in the house.

So today we have just laying around. The house is a mess and I need to start picking up. I'm just not feeling well at all. Thats why I've just been laying around today. I don't have the stomach to get up and do chores. Although, I think I'm going to try at least. Don't know how successful that will go.

Hope everyone has a nice and fun Easter. Regardless how you celebrate it