♥ Way Back In The Day ♥

So of course, I found an oh-so-cute blog today. And such a fun little link up.

So of course, I saw all the other fun blogger’s link up to this and wanted to join in. Here are her ground rules:

1. If you are going to link up please add my button or a link to my blog on your post.

2. Share a photo and a memory that goes along with that photo! It can be from when you were a teeny little baby, or even 3 weeks ago!

So I decided to share a picture from my past


This photo was taken when I was around six years old and that’s my little brother. He’s a year younger then I am. This was taken at my Great Grandmother's house. We used to love going there and she would always have Cabbage Patch dolls to play with.

Me and my brother do not speak anymore. Maybe one day I will write a blog post about it. He has disowned me now from his life and will tell anyone he does not have a sister. It was heart-breaking at first but it has been many years now {six years actually} since we last spoke and I’m over it now. The crying and the pain has stopped. But this was one of my more favorite memories of us together.