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So yes, it looks to be true. We are going to be having a baby. I can’t tell you how excited and surprised I am. I honestly thought I would never be able to have another child. We have been trying now for a second child for three years. I thought it was hopeless and ever though I was sad, I was finally becoming ok with the fact I would probably only have one kid.

After I had my daughter, I didn’t want anymore kids but now that she’s older and the baby fever started to kick back in, three years seemed pretty hopeless for trying. But somehow, it seemed to have happened. Don’t ask me how. I don’t even know.

So as of today I am five weeks. Not far at all and shocked that the tests would come up so big and bold for finding out this early. But from just the calculations, I will be due November 15, 2012 which is funny because that is my mom’s birthday. And my daughter’s original due date back in 2006 was November 1. So I guess I’m destined to have fall babies.

And boy, have I had symptoms like crazy. Very severe cramping to the point I’m up all night kicking and beating the couch to death because of how bad they are {yea, sadly it’s normal for me. It was like this in my first pregnancy too. Feels exactly like I’m giving birth. not fun at all. I called a doctor today and she reassured me it’s normal}.

I haven’t thrown up but have had bad nausea. I think it comes more from the pain of the cramps then really feeling sick. My body always goes into a puke mode when I’m in pain. Even with headaches.

Very sore all over my body. Especially boobs and back. And the tiredness has really kicked in. I normally have to take random breaks at work to go outside and take a nap in my car a lot for about 15 mins just to get some energy going again. It helps so it’s nice I can do that.

So I will not be doing anymore weightless things. because obviously, I won’t be losing weight. However, I will be extremely healthy this pregnancy sticking to still working out a bit and eating the way I still am.

My stomach seems so puffy already. I feel as though I have blown up. I know they say you start showing a lot sooner with your second one. I had a flat stomach the first time I got pregnant and didn’t start showing until about 4 months. But I feel I look 4 months preggo already. I think it’s just because of being bloated.

The husband still doesn’t know how to take the news. He’s still acting a bit funny toward me. I think it’s a big shock and he is trying to get used to the idea even though we planned this one, I don’t think you are ever really mentally prepared. Especially the men. But this time around he really wants a boy. I want twin girls…lol. I always have. So we shall see won’t we? I already have names picked out so whichever one it turns out to be I am prepared.

But this is the reason why I have kind of been a bit MIA lately socially. I’ve been excited, upset, depressed, happy, tired…. I’ve been wanting so bad to talk about this. I had to beg my husband to let me blog about it. He wanted me to wait, but I can’t wait. I really wanted to tell someone.


  1. Congratulations! My birthday is in February and Gaia's is in December. Hutch's is in January, so when we decide it's time we'll shoot for a summer baby to space it out. :)

    It's normal to feel distanced from stuff with pregnancy emotions. You'll find your own routine soon. Again congrats! Are you going to do Hump Day Bump Day? :P

    (Also, for the first time ever it made me log in to my old Wordpress account. I have no idea what that's all about..)

  2. awwww congrats & YAY!!!!
    i am putting my prediction in early -- i sense blue!


  3. I don't know if I'll be participating in the Hump Day Bump Day or not. I have to look into what that is...I've lacked so much this week on reading blogs. I have to catch up. And you know, you're blog only lets me comment with my google account even though I don't use it anymore. it will not let me log in with my wordpress account for anything. Stupid computers. And I could understand why you would want a more "summer" baby. Our birthday's a a pretty good distance out I would say. Mine is in March, hubby's is in May and our daughters is in October. And this one looks like November. I think it works pretty well for us. I have a few superstitions when it comes to children's birthdays. For some reason, I can't have my child born in February, June or July... those are the months I am very superstitious about and can't do it. It freaks me out to even think about. But anyway, we will see how this goes and hopefully, he starts acting a bit more normal about things.

  4. LOL thank you. He finally let me post it on my blog but won't let me share the news on my personal FB just yet. He wants to wait because of family and things on there. So it was nice to be able to talk about it on here. He really wants a boy. And Natty's due date was November but she was 2 weeks early so that put her in October. I think if this baby came two weeks early, it would still be Novemeber. I have no idea. We are going to have to see :)

  5. CONGRATS!!!! Don't worry, your husband will come around. Mine took a few months. And now that we're trying for our second, he freaks out every time I'm late. He wants another, yet he still does it lol!

  6. Wow, you're really close to my due date! Congratulations :)

  7. LOL men... what can ya say ya know? He really wanted another one but is freaked out. His thing is that he really wishes he had a job. Then he wouldn't care. But I'm hoping he can find one and ease his mind a bit. My job is ok with us but it would be so much better with two incomes. And my fingers are crossed for you :)

  8. Cute blog!! Found ya from Blog Hop! Congrats and cute way to announce!

  9. Thank you :) I just recently switched to wordpress so still trying to figure out this new platform

  10. The dr. estimated November 10th, but I'll know for sure on Tuesday when I have my first Ultrasound :)

  11. Aw, congrats girly! I am really excited for you and I wish you a healthy, happy and low stress pregnancy!! Hugs!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you very much. So far, it has been really painful. The cramps are killing me so much I want to die. But other then that, I'm very happy. You know I've talked to you about the on going trying thing and so I'm shocked it actually happened. But it means a lot and I have my fingers crossed twice for you as well

  13. Thanks, I hope your husband is able to find a job soon! :)

  14. Wow Rebecca, I was going through the synopsis of the posts you made on WordPress and had no idea that you were pregnant again until now. Best of luck in the whole thing, I can only imagine how happy you guys must be over this news, keep us updated on it Rebecca!

    1. Oh I am :) I'm doing a week by week update this time. I'm so excited. Ive been wanting to be a mommy again for along time now. So this is great :)