six weeks - xoxo Rebecca

six weeks

Today is my six week update! Yea. For some reason, counting weeks now seems to go by soooo much slower. I'm not a fan. But at least now I have five weeks left until I can see a doctor. I wish I could see one much sooner then 11 weeks, but hopefully the time flies by.

Anyway, so for six weeks, this is what it says:

So things seem to be going as normal as they can I guess. I'm still in so much pain, it's unbearable still at times. All the cramps I keep having making me want to punch things. I can't wait til they go away. I can't remember when this feeling stopped when I was pregnant with my daughter. I think by the second trimester they let up and then hit full blown again during the third.
But there is never a minute where I am not in pain. I've been now in pain for two weeks and it sucks. It never really lets up. It just constantly stays there. Sometimes I can't move other times I can just deal with it. Ugh, this is the part of pregnancy I don't like.
I haven't experienced any morning sickness just yet. Only get nauseous when I'm having pain from the cramps. I have gotten energy back. I'm not tired like I was two weeks ago. I'm so glad that has gone away. But man, do I ever have to go to the bathroom. Even when I haven't had anything to drink, I still have to pee a lot.

Here is my bump photo for six weeks:

If you compare this to last week's photo, you can see I have shrunk a lot. I think I was so completely bloated last week, everything felt tight and big. Now I don't feel as huge as I did in my photo at five weeks. I think my body is shifting. I also have lost three pounds since getting pregnant which I don't mind because I'll be gaining it all on soon enough.

So hopefully by next week I have some better news and feel less discomfort to share. I'm crossing my fingers that this crappy pain goes away. That's pretty much my only complaint so far. Everything else is going ok as far as I can tell. So we have eight months left to go. In case you missed it in my last updates, my due date is November 15th. It will have cooled off a little by then so that should be nice for a fall baby.