♥ Sit Back & Relax ♥

Today was a nice relaxing day. Normally I use Sundays as my cleaning day but I did that yesterday so today was kind of nice to not do anything. Just sat on the computer, watched movies with my daughter, helped my husband with some of his models for work and ran to the store for some errands. Not too shabby. Pretty much in pajamas all day which seems to never happen.
I’m not really the type of person who likes to stay home on her days off. Normally, I’m up and going and get out of the house type of girl. But today was different. Today was a lazy day and well needed.
The husband made strawberry daiquiris and they were yummy. Just what I needed to take some edge off. Especially if you read my blog from yesterday, it was much needed to just relax a bit.
Now I’m just feeling a bit tipsy and I love it!


  1. I had a lazy day today, too. Go us!

  2. Sounds nice, that was my day yesterday too:) Minus the strawberry daiquiris though:(