seven weeks

Well, today is week seven into pregnancy and boy, am I really feeling it now. Here is what the facts state about what's going on this week:

So the symptoms are getting more and more known. The good news finally is that those horrible, excruciating pains and cramps have eased up. Thank goodness. The pain was completely unbearable. Those type of cramps are what you feel when you are giving birth and hurt so bad. So I'm glad they have gone pretty much away. Today, I felt some come back. But for the most part, they are gone.

The bad news is still I cannot sleep, though I'm always exhausted. How does that work? I thought I was feeling more energized but this week started hitting me back hard again with tiredness. I have been sleeping for about 12 hours every night yet I'm not getting any sleep at all. I wake up non-stop throughout the night and cannot get back to sleep. Which this has been going on now for four weeks with not a single good nights rest which causes migraines and of course, I can't take anything for it and it interferes with my job too.

The other bad news is that now that the pain has gone down, the morning sickness has gone up. I'm always feeling sick and nauseous all the time. It never goes away now. I always have that feeling I am going to barf even though it seems to never come out. And that sucks. I'd rather just puke and feel better then the feeling sick all day and all night.

And to add to the bad news I now can't see a doctor until I'm at least 12 weeks along. So that makes for at least another 5 more weeks of waiting and it's killing me. I have never wanted to go to the doctor more in my life then I do now. So I'm hoping they can see me at 12 weeks and not any later then that. Which will be the first week in May. May cannot come soon enough and I wish it would hurry it's ass up.

So here is this week's photo:

I'm glad I'm starting to show. I look a bit more normal for my weeks then the first photo I took. Thank goodness for that "showing more early with your second kid" factor. Although, my clothes are not fitting at all anymore. If I'm standing, things are fine. When I sit, I have to have them unbuttoned. That sucks but it's comfortable at least. And the good thing is I sit at a desk at work all day so no one even can tell.
I also dropped five pounds since last week. Yea! Sadly this morning, I realized the scale told me I gained six pounds. WTF? Yea, that was a bit of a downer. So from last week to this. I lost some then gained a bit more back. Screw you scale. But I felt like I did. I could feel my body feeling that way.
Oh well, what can ya do. I was eating extremely healthy at the beginning of last week and had a little bit of a downfall on that this week. So I see the pounds I put on were my fault too. The food wasn't bad-bad, but not strictly healthy like I have been doing.


  1. congrats!! im almost 11 weeks! so fun to have prego friend bloggers!

  2. I congrats you for getting pregnancy. whom you will prefer son/daughter? Pregnancy Week by Week

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you're getting nauseous but at least those cramps have gone away which is good. Hope everything continues to go well for you Rebecca.

  4. I'm so glad the pain has lessened. I hope you can start sleeping better soon! I'm a week behind you and I am not in pain but I feel like absolute crap. Ain't pregnant great? Wish I could skip it and get to the cute baby stuff. I can't see a doctor until 9 weeks and its driving me mad. :(

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I remember with my youngest I was very nauseous which ended up turning into full blown morning sickness= blah! Hope you can catch up on some sleep & start feeling less nauseous!

    Thanks for stopping by my site =)

  6. stopping by from the blog hop! congrats on your pregnancy:)