♥ Not On Our Side ♥ - xoxo Rebecca

♥ Not On Our Side ♥

If you follow me on Facebook, you would know I promised a crazy story tonight. And by far, this is the craziest thing that has happened to me in a situation like this anyway.
Basically the breakdown was calling for help from a police officer doesn’t mean they are going to give it to you. Instead, they turn you into the criminal, not the victim. Which is what pretty much happened to us.
We were driving to get something to eat and my husband was driving while I was in the passenger seat and our daughter in the back. We were in the turning lane making a left hand turn at a very busy intersection. All of a sudden, a man in a big blue truck decides he doesn’t need to go straight but indeed needs to be where we are turning. So at first we didn’t see him. We were turning as normal like everyone else until our car almost is side swiped by this truck trying to push us into the other lane. He was not patient about it. He did not try to slow down in anyway. My husband had to push his way over into the other lane and somehow, did not get hit by anyone else.
So this guy just gets in front of us and my husband pulls over along with him. They both get out of the car and the guy is like “What is your problem? You should have let me in.” My husband is telling him that he was in the wrong and could have seriously hurt someone since he was in the straight lane and we had the right of way by being in the turn lane and turning. I really thought the guy was going to apologize for almost causing a bad accident. Instead he goes on and on with his son about how arrogant we were for not stopping to let him pass us. A few minutes of them going back and forth, the man pulls out a gun from his hip.
That scared me. I have a small child in the car. This dude is crazy and going to shoot us all. He starts then to remove his shirt and tells my husband to go ahead and punch him. Start the fight and hit him. He really wants to beat someone up today.
I know my husband probably would have if we weren’t there {me and my child} but he says, “Sir, I’m not going to fight you but you just drew a gun out on me and I’m calling the cops.” The man says by all means to go ahead. He wants the cops to come.
So my husband comes back into the car and calls 911. He tells the dispatcher this man almost ran us off the road, then when confronted yelled at us about how we were wrong and then pulls out a gun while we have a child with us.
Four Sheriff cars pull up within minutes of the conversation. And the lady cop immediately draws a gun and tells me and my husband to step out of the vehicle and place our hands on the top of the car. Are you serious? We are the ones that are the victims. So they come over to us while another Sherriff looks as though he is comforting the man with the gun. Really?
We both have our hands held and then are patted down to see if we are carrying any weapons. Never in my life has this ever happened to me. I was like…uhhh that man has the gun, not us.
So after explaining what happened the cops told us indeed we are in the wrong and the man with the gun is correct. OMG! They told us that that man had every right to shoot my husband because my husband was a threat to him for getting out of the car to talk to this man about almost killing us on the road.
They said that it is not against the law for him to carry a loaded weapon and shoot on command if he felt the need to. And then they lectured us about being bad parents having a child in the car and endangering her confronting a man with a gun. No one knew he had a gun at first and the man got out of his car first.
I was shocked, pissed and seriously thought someone was going to jail and they try to say some BS. I never in my life would have thought the cops would tell us we were the bad guys here for what this guys could have done to us. They just were yelling very loudly at us, not even talking rationally. Just yelling that let the man drive how he wants and if it happens again, just slow down and let him do what he wants to do. And that if he were to have shot my husband, it would have been my husband’s fault.
We both felt so wrong in so many ways. No justice at all. They let us get back in our car while they shook the man with the gun’s hand and told him that they hope he has a more pleasant day. They told us they better not hear of anything else like this again from my husband.
Of course, it felt so much like racial profiling. Just because that man was white, he could have gotten away with murder. Literally. They did not like my husband and just judged him based on his looks. Because the first thing the male Sherriff said when he approached my husband was, “You know a Sherriff was just killed yesterday by a black man.” How fucked up is that? So now my husband is guilty and thrown the bone because of someone else’s mistakes? It just seemed so unfair us being treated the entire time. I am so mad at these cops. Justice was not served at all. We both felt that way.