♥ Definition Of An Enemy ♥

So today my worst enemy very much {rudely} threw a baby shower invitation at me. Yes, and when I say threw it at me and rudely, I mean exactly that. This bitch was walking around handing everyone so politely their invitations, waiting for them to open them and joke a bit, she comes over to me. I even stuck my hand out. And then I see it in slow motion, fly over my shoulder and onto my desk and then she walks away.

Bitch! Seriously? She has never talked to me directly about her new demon bundle of joy or has ever shown me any of the ultrasound pictures she loves to flaunt around the office. Somehow, when she gets to my desk, she feels it’s time to go sit back down. So why the crap would she even bother to give me an invite to her demon shower anyway?


So why the hatred toward her you ask? Well, we actually used to be the best of friends. We were like sisters and inseparable. We met eleven years ago at college and became close. All through college we hung out and then she moved up here after we did. It was awesome to have my best friend around all the time. I hung out with her ever second I could. It was great. She even got me the job I have now. Then things started going sour once she found out I was getting married.

She hated the guy I was with and of course, took it all out on me with the now rude and snotty comments. Started to talk shit about me to other people and every time I needed her as a friend for advice or something, she put me down so bad.

She started to brag about how much money she had. She let me know I was the “poor” friend and I could no longer go places with her because her “crowd” was too high end for me now. Her attitude to this day {4 years later} still has not changed. She still feels she is too good to talk to me or acknowledge me. And when she does, it a put down and a stab in the back basically.

babygirl1She is an evil person. I’m so pissed at how she has treated me. And now all of a sudden after all this wants me to come to her baby shower. Yea right! All she wants is a freakin’ gift. Funny thing is, her shower is on the same day as my birthday party I’m having and so I can’t go to her crappy demon shower anyway. I told another co-worker that and they told her I wouldn’t be attending. The bitch said, “Oh that’s alright. That’s why I listed all the places I am registered. So people who can’t come can still bring a gift.”

Bitch, why would I want to buy you anything? My mom said I should because back when I had my baby shower {six years ago} she did an amazing job helping me, hosting it and making it totally special. But that was back when we were friends. I don’t owe her shit squat but a good slap in the face.


Exactly. She will only get that from me. A good slap. I owe her nothing. I still can’t believe she just threw the invitation at me. Knowing she doesn’t even want me there. What a dumb bitch. All her little “I’m better than you” ways pisses me off.

I was very tempted to just hand back the invite without opening it and just tell her I won’t be needing this. I should have. I should have been a real bitch back but I brought it home where I can watch it burn on the bbq grill instead.


  1. My mom always said kill them with kindness. It works most of the time, I agree. You shouldn't send her a gift, but maybe a card with $10 gift card to like wal-mart. Hahaha. That's what I'd do. It can even be a funny card or something slightly rude ona personal level. Get creative. :)

  2. OUCH! That is super bitchy, and silly, you sound like you are better off not having her as a friend. Too bad you have to work in the same office as her, which means you must be on similar incomes, which means she mustn't be that much better off than you. So all the high end friends she have, are probably just as superficial as she. It's a sad world to live, if you choose to live like that!!

    Proud to know you are the bigger person in all of this, and don't worry we have your back, and can offer a shoulder too!!

    :) Hazel

  3. You said it - you don't owe her anything. It's not like she hosted this great shower for you and you slowly drifted apart due to life and whatever. She's been flat-out hostile for the last four years, and clearly very hurtful to you. I'd light that invite up on your grill and watch it burn, baby, burn.

    1. Hahaha glad you agree. She really has turned into someone completely different now that she's "too good" for me. I hate that I have to spend 5 days a week sitting near here and seeing her. But you know, she's about to have her baby soon and will be gone for three months so that makes me smile not having to see her for those lovely three months. It just can't seem to come soon enough