♥ Case Of The Fake People ♥

How many of you are just sick of fake people? Raise your hand! Well me too. I have been dealing with the same fake ass people everyday for far too long. Some days I can tolerate it. Days like today where I am PMSing, well…..let’s just say not so much.

I’m so tired of the same people being all fake to each other then turning around acting like best friends. It was cool when we were in high school and college. I guess it’s just expected of people that age. But now jumping into our 30’s….it’s not so cool. It’s not cute, cool, or anything else they think it is.
It’s actually really annoying. I’m tired of this one particular girl coming up to me talking about how she doesn’t like certain people and how much they make her mad and blah blah blah. But yet, every time I turn around, she’s sitting there chatting it up like best friends.
There is a fine line between just having to be nice to tolerate getting through the day with someone and plain out being best friends with them. She makes the excuse that she only talks to them when she’s bored. Ummm…. last time I thought if you hate them that much, regardless if you are “bored” don’t act like best friends. Don’t go to lunch with them, don’t hang out at their house after work. She does all this saying that she only does it so they don’t think she is “jealous” of them. Jealous of what? I’m so sick of hearing about all these little retarded excuses. They sound stupid for one thing and I’m not buying into them. Maybe in her head it just makes her feel better.
What she loves to do is play both sides of the fence. That’s all it is. She talks so much shit then gives these reasons excuses for her actions. I could care less if she wanted to be their friend. That’s fine with me. But please stop the bull shit where you have to come to me to tell me you only do it so no one thinks you are jealous. I still am scratching my head at that one.
If I don’t like someone, I avoid them as much as I can. It’s a bit more difficult when you are working directly with them. in that case, I only speak to those people when absolutely necessary. If I’m in on a project with them or mentoring for solving issues that they have asked. I don’t just sit there and chit chat because I’m in the mood to talk.
Believe me, I love to talk. I’m a loud, social freak who has gotten in trouble many times at work for talking too much. But when I don’t have anyone around I like to talk to, I don’t say a damn word. I sit quietly and talk to my friends via Facebook, Twitter, text…. if I want to be social.
It’s just this one particular person will be like, “She insulted me so bad by saying this and that and I had to tell her off because that’s rude and not right. I do not like people like that I cannot stand that girl. And then I had to go over to her house for eight hours because she asked me to come by and I didn’t want to be rude so I went even though I didn’t want to.” Bitch you wanted to otherwise who would waste eight hours of their life sitting in someone’s house they hate?
Or I was told the other day, “I really don’t want to go to her party. I’m not her friend anymore and I would feel strange going. But I have to go so she doesn’t think I’m jealous of her and I have to spend $50 on a gift so I don’t look cheap. I don’t want to go but I have to”. No you don’t have to go. Geez, either say you don’t want to go or you can’t make it. It’s not that hard. She always uses the excuse too that her “mother didn’t raise her like that”. Ha whatever. She was raised to be fake huh?
So then after she tells me this, she turns around to the girl and says, “OMG I can’t wait to come to your party and I got you an amazing gift. I’m so glad you invited me and I’ll do anything you need. Just let me know.” I’m starting to wonder all the things she has said about me behind my back to this person because she sure loves to talk so much shit then be your best friend to your face.
I love how she says all the time as well, “I may talk shit about you behind your back but I will go up and tell you exactly what I said to your face. I’m not a fake person like that. I’m real.” Yea, I have not seen in the 5+ years this person ever go up and tell someone to their face all the shit she says about them. So why keep saying that you do that?
I think it’s just another way for her to validate to herself what she does is ok. I’ve cut off a lot of ties seeing how fake and phony this person has started to become.
Yes, I’m bitchy right now and yes I’m venting a lot about something that probably is just mild and should brush it off. But dammit, I have PMS and its irritating the hell out of me.
Just reminds me of the song  Case Of The Fake People by TLC
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  1. Seriously. Well said. Also I think that even though ii am only 26 I am to the point where I want a real friend I can count on till the day I die than have to worry if they are going to stab me in the back. Those people have no room in my life.

  2. If I don't like someone they know it because I don't talk to them. I've had people try to talk to me, but I just find a reason to do something else instead. Sometimes it sucks because there is a mutual friend you wind up fighting over, but I'm an understanding person. I hate when people talk shit period. I'd much rather someone come up and tell me they have a problem, which is why I do just that. I was fired once for telling a girl, nicely mind you, that I didn't like how she blew the boss to get better sections that she can't even handle. I didn't think it was fair because she was a shit waitress. I was fired, but rehired the next day because I was a valuable asset. She was pissed, obviously, but began to see the errors in her ways and stopped cheating the system. Sometimes calling people out is helpful.