And Who Said Exposing Yourself Was A Bad Thing? - xoxo Rebecca

And Who Said Exposing Yourself Was A Bad Thing?

That's right everyone! It's that time again. Looking for sponsors to do button swaps. And the best part is, no money involved! A lot of people out there ask for money in return for sponsor swaps but right now, it's free! So if you are interested please contact me HERE

Each sponsor has the option of doing a guest post where you can include a photo/bio/links to social networks/etc

It's a win/win for everyone. And so easy as well. Also if you would like to do the option of a giveaway featured on your guest post, you are more then welcome to as well. Doing a sponsor swap is a great was to get exposure. Have people find your blog and gain a bit more traffic without money involved. All I ask in return is that you place my button on your sidebar as well in a "sponsor" spot.
That is it. Simple/easy/smart.

As you can see to the left, I have sponsors already and would love more! The more the merrier!!