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seven weeks

Well, today is week seven into pregnancy and boy, am I really feeling it now. Here is what the facts state about what's going on this week:

So the symptoms are getting more and more known. The good news finally is that those horrible, excruciating pains and cramps have eased up. Thank goodness. The pain was completely unbearable. Those type of cramps are what you feel when you are giving birth and hurt so bad. So I'm glad they have gone pretty much away. Today, I felt some come back. But for the most part, they are gone.

The bad news is still I cannot sleep, though I'm always exhausted. How does that work? I thought I was feeling more energized but this week started hitting me back hard again with tiredness. I have been sleeping for about 12 hours every night yet I'm not getting any sleep at all. I wake up non-stop throughout the night and cannot get back to sleep. Which this has been going on now for four weeks with not a single good nights rest which causes migraines and of course, I can't take anything for it and it interferes with my job too.

The other bad news is that now that the pain has gone down, the morning sickness has gone up. I'm always feeling sick and nauseous all the time. It never goes away now. I always have that feeling I am going to barf even though it seems to never come out. And that sucks. I'd rather just puke and feel better then the feeling sick all day and all night.

And to add to the bad news I now can't see a doctor until I'm at least 12 weeks along. So that makes for at least another 5 more weeks of waiting and it's killing me. I have never wanted to go to the doctor more in my life then I do now. So I'm hoping they can see me at 12 weeks and not any later then that. Which will be the first week in May. May cannot come soon enough and I wish it would hurry it's ass up.

So here is this week's photo:

I'm glad I'm starting to show. I look a bit more normal for my weeks then the first photo I took. Thank goodness for that "showing more early with your second kid" factor. Although, my clothes are not fitting at all anymore. If I'm standing, things are fine. When I sit, I have to have them unbuttoned. That sucks but it's comfortable at least. And the good thing is I sit at a desk at work all day so no one even can tell.
I also dropped five pounds since last week. Yea! Sadly this morning, I realized the scale told me I gained six pounds. WTF? Yea, that was a bit of a downer. So from last week to this. I lost some then gained a bit more back. Screw you scale. But I felt like I did. I could feel my body feeling that way.
Oh well, what can ya do. I was eating extremely healthy at the beginning of last week and had a little bit of a downfall on that this week. So I see the pounds I put on were my fault too. The food wasn't bad-bad, but not strictly healthy like I have been doing.

That Friday Blog Hop {41}

So yea! The week is almost over and the weekend is almost here. You know what that means! That Friday Blog Hop is up and running.

I have no rules. Rules are made to be broken anyway right? So what’s the point of posting any. Link up any and all your social networking.

So let another Friday come and hopefully get a bunch of blogs and other sites linked on here

That Friday Blog Hop

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I'm also linking up with

and to answer their blog hop questions:

This week’s statements:

1. I loved ____as a kid and still do.

2. I drive____

3. I am currently reading _______________

4. I wish I could instantly have a body just like ____________

My answers:

1. 1. I loved board games as a kid and still do.

2. I drive almost everyone insane.

3. I am currently reading nothing. I'm not a big reader.

4. I wish I could instantly have a body just like Megan Fox.

Wordless Wednesday - Bowling

Wordless Wednesday
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This week's WW photo I am showing a bowling photo. Last week was my birthday and over the weekend, a friend and I took our girls bowling. The very first time for them. So everyone was excited. And here is the photo I'm sharing of the girls' final scores of their first game ever!

Her daughter Callie {3} and my daughter Natalya {5} bowled an incredible first game with no help from us either. Most people on their first time bowling do about a 30 or so. These kids almost hit 80. I can't believe it. We never once helped them either. I was so proud. I think she'll be a bowling champ like I was. Yes, i was on a league for 10 years. I even own my own ball and shoes {actually I have three balls}. So this was just a fun day. We bowled three games total. Three looonnnnggg games because it took everyone so long to get through them all with stopping for bathroom breaks, eating breaks, running through the bowling alley breaks.... but it was fun. I can't wait to do it again

Toddle Along Tuesday - Baby Names


This is my first time linking up with Toddle Along Tuesday. And this week's segment is all about baby names. Which is funny because I have posted a few times in my blogging career about how we chose our daughter's name. And now, I get to share the story yet again!

My daughter's name is Natalya Elise. And at first when I heard the name, it was not a name I ever heard before. Not common, Russian {which I'm obsessed with Russian names} and overall cute. Now that this is my daughter's name, everywhere we go, someone is named Natalya. It's crazy how common this name actually is around here. Here I thought I'd have a daughter with a creative, unique name. Not the case. I swear I hear someone say her name everywhere we go only to see they are talking to someone else. But you know, that's ok. I mean, someone somewhere is going to have your name no matter what. Unless it's just so over the top ya know.

So how we came up with the name....actually how I came up with the name.
Back in 1997, I was in tenth grade and me and my brother's favorite video game at the time to play was Nintendo 64's GoldenEye. It was an obsession. I played so long he actually started charging me money to play the game. But James Bond's sidekick was a girl named Natalya and I fell in love with the name always keeping it in the back of my head.

So once I became pregnant with my daughter, I had a few names in my head I was considering. Almost all of them Russian names. I love Russian names. Not to mention some of my heritage is Russian and I've always had a fascination as a child with Russian things. So I know I would name my first child with a Russian name. 
But which one? I had about five I played around with. But starting to narrow down the names, I kept going back to Natalya. And everyone I talked to always agreed they liked the name Natalya.

And of course, her father {my husband now} did not care. He said as long as he could pronounce it and spell it, that was good enough for him. Which I loved because I wanted full freedom without the arguments of agreeing on a name.

So in the end, Natalya it was. I love the name and am glad I chose it for her. I think it fits her perfectly. As for a nickname, we call her Natty. But it's funny that I can say my child was named after a video game. I think that really constitutes me as a nerd...hahaha oh well. It's true.

Now that we are pregnant again, I do have a boy and a girl name already in my mind, but still it is all up in the air. Especially if it is a boy.... I think my husband wants to name it after him and that is out of the question. I don't do Jr's or anything like that. So this time around depending on the gender, may be war.

Edit Me 2012 - Week 12

I really enjoy these Edit Me photo challenges. This week's photo was provided by Beth from Snaps of Our Life. Here is her photo before:

And here is my edit:

I went with something more simple this time. I cropped the photo in, used an auto exposure. Then I did a slight manual exposure as well on the photo. I brought up the clarity to make it a more focused on the berries and I believe that was about it.

Edit Me

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six weeks

Today is my six week update! Yea. For some reason, counting weeks now seems to go by soooo much slower. I'm not a fan. But at least now I have five weeks left until I can see a doctor. I wish I could see one much sooner then 11 weeks, but hopefully the time flies by.

Anyway, so for six weeks, this is what it says:

So things seem to be going as normal as they can I guess. I'm still in so much pain, it's unbearable still at times. All the cramps I keep having making me want to punch things. I can't wait til they go away. I can't remember when this feeling stopped when I was pregnant with my daughter. I think by the second trimester they let up and then hit full blown again during the third.
But there is never a minute where I am not in pain. I've been now in pain for two weeks and it sucks. It never really lets up. It just constantly stays there. Sometimes I can't move other times I can just deal with it. Ugh, this is the part of pregnancy I don't like.
I haven't experienced any morning sickness just yet. Only get nauseous when I'm having pain from the cramps. I have gotten energy back. I'm not tired like I was two weeks ago. I'm so glad that has gone away. But man, do I ever have to go to the bathroom. Even when I haven't had anything to drink, I still have to pee a lot.

Here is my bump photo for six weeks:

If you compare this to last week's photo, you can see I have shrunk a lot. I think I was so completely bloated last week, everything felt tight and big. Now I don't feel as huge as I did in my photo at five weeks. I think my body is shifting. I also have lost three pounds since getting pregnant which I don't mind because I'll be gaining it all on soon enough.

So hopefully by next week I have some better news and feel less discomfort to share. I'm crossing my fingers that this crappy pain goes away. That's pretty much my only complaint so far. Everything else is going ok as far as I can tell. So we have eight months left to go. In case you missed it in my last updates, my due date is November 15th. It will have cooled off a little by then so that should be nice for a fall baby.

That Friday Blog Hop {40}

So yea! The week is almost over and the weekend is almost here. You know what that means! That Friday Blog Hop is up and running.

I have no rules. Rules are made to be broken anyway right? So what’s the point of posting any. Link up any and all your social networking.

So let another Friday come and hopefully get a bunch of blogs and other sites linked on here

That Friday Blog Hop

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Turning 30

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned the big 3-0. Can you believe it? Man, how time has gone by. I don't even feel like 30 years old. Maybe 29, but not 30 hahaha just kidding. I feel like I'm still 19. 
So this year I wasn't feeling well at all. I felt like pure crap. I had to even call into work {which was not a plan at all. I really wanted to come to work today for all the fun "Happy Birthdays"}
But I had to stay home. It was not a fun filled day at all. I only started feeling better in the evening. Thank goodness I feel so much better now. So everyone I'm sure was thinking I faked it and called in just to have today off. Not the case at all.
My husband and daughter got me a birthday cake to start the afternoon off after I was starting to feel a bit back to normal. I stayed in bed almost all day so that kind of sucked. But I do not like cake so I always have them get me an ice cream cake. My daughter picked this one out. It has real ice cream cones on the top. 

The my daughter made me a birthday card. It was so sweet. It is of me and her and a birthday cake

And I thought with the way I was feeling we were going to have to cancel our dinner reservations we made a week ago to my favorite restaurant. But I managed to make myself feel better because I really wanted to go. So I got up and we all got ready and I made it through dinner without throwing up.

 Thank goodness! It was so yummy and so much fun. I got a special birthday hat and a cupcake {which my daughter ate}. I tried to get photos with the three of us but my husband didn’t want his photo taken. Boo to him :)

Of course being the birthday girl, I had to order the most expensive thing on the menu I would eat. So I got the 8oz Filet Mignon {which tasted amazing!} It was so yummy with their sauce. My daughter and husband got the shrimp. And me and my daughter both got the cute ceramic kitty cups to drink out of. They are adorable. I love them. We have collected them all now I think.

So even though my birthday started out not so great, it ended up to be a really nice one. No more being able to say I’m in my 20’s. Hello 30’s……hopefully I age well…lol


So I tried to make a post with all the details but something is acting up and it won't post the photos properly. So I'm just making the announcement and tomorrow have to post the details. I have a few minutes left but it's my birthday for another 4 mins :)
Happy birthday to me! I'm the big 3-0 today

For The Husband

My husband has been asking me to put on my blog his newest work in progress. I’ve posted his work before in the past. The previous post if you are interested in viewing it was HERE. In case you missed it, my husband is a video game 3D artist. In the post I mentioned above, it’s all the stuff he did for the Star Wars game that was just released last year.

So he asked me to show his newest creation. So comment, share the video, whatever to make his little heart happy.


And if you are interested in seeing more of his work, his website can be viewed HERE

Making A Comeback

I've decided to come back to Blogger. Though I did love my blog over at Wordpress, it just wasn't as user friendly as I wanted it to be. I gave it a try and decided that without having a self-hosted blog through them, I wasn't as happy with the lack of features I was able to use and the functions. Blogger gives a lot more freedom. So I am back. And I'm having some issues. I can't seem to see how to get my comments to re-appear again. I'm hoping someone can leave a comment {or attempt to} to see if it's working properly. Also, I'm trying to get my posts from Wordpress to transfer over to blogger and it seems to not be working. Is there anyone good with this stuff that I can ask a little help from?

♥ Man Candy Monday Zac ♥

Man Candy Monday

So Man Candy Monday is so hard to resist. And this week’s person I chose has been someone I absolutely have loved for years.
You may recognize him from his two hit TV shows


He’s also an author

So my choice for this week’s Man Candy Monday is


He’s a whole lot of sexy all rolled into one I must say.


Name: Zachary Alexander "Zak" Bagans

Birthdate: April 5, 1977

Born In: Washington DC

Currently Lives: Las Vegas, NV

Follow him on Twitter: @Zak_Bagans



Linking back up again with XMAS DOLLY for another week of Monday Music Moves Me. I love this link up. Getting to see so many different musical tastes from everyone. This week’s theme is FREEBIE week again. I love the freebie ones. And of course as always, I add a theme to those.
So this week I have chosen to showcase a few of my favorites from:







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422261_373628865997567_100000513715844_1504725_2068256008_nHi I'm Nikki I blog over at Southern Mama with a Bad Mouth. I'm a 22 year old, part time working, mommy and wife. My husband and I have been married for 2 and a half year now. I met him when he was in the army and we got married married when he came home for R&R on September 1st 2009.

We have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Skylee. She's a mess on two little feet. We live in Georgia and we love all things country. If it comes in pink camo, I'll buy it.

I started blogging about 2 year ago and fell in love, I love all the new people I have met and am so proud to call them my friends. I blog about my life. I love to share pictures of my daughter and our puppy Sookie. I also love to vlog.

My YouTube channel is I'm slowly becoming famous for my "duck face" pictures. I post way too many of them. I have a link up every Monday to share my duck face picture and I love to see everyone else’s too. You can also follow me on Twitter xoNikkiDarlin

♥ five weeks ♥

So with my first pregnancy, I documented photos of my belly month to month. I think with this one, I’ll do it week by week. With our daughter, I never blogged about the progress or anything like that except posted photos each month on Myspace…hahaha yea, that was cool back in the day. This pregnancy however, I’d like to do weekly updates. So that’s what I am going to do.


If you read my previous post, you would know that right now I am five weeks along according to the first day of my last period cycle. As you can see here the 9th of February was the date :


 So we shall see. That is how I came up with the due date. However, maybe an ultrasound may change that date. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my mom swore they had my due date off because she came two weeks early and was the prefect weight for a full 40 week baby. But I had seen three different doctors, had three ultra sounds and never once did my due date change. So I’m wondering if this pregnancy will be just like that.


So for right now, this is what it says for a baby developing at five weeks:


So it totally looks like nothing yet but it sure is completely uncomfortable and painful I must say. I’m so miserable it’s not even funny. I’m in such pain right now. I have been in really bad amounts of pain. The cramps feel like I’m in labor. They become so severe I feel like I am having contractions. Sadly, it’s normal for me and I cannot wait until this passes. I beg my body to make it go away. I get woken up all hours of the night in pain and spend about an hour crying in the living room trying to get it to stop. I don’t see how something so small could cause so much pain.

And because of all the pain, I’ve also been extremely bitchy lately. My husband can’t stand to put up with me most of the time now. While I’m at work, I’ve been trying to keep to myself because of how bitchy I get and whinny and complainy {that’s a word LOL}. I’m only like this because the pain is there 24/7. It never lets up. So until it does, I’ll be a grouchy preggo woman.

And here is my first official baby bump photo:


Now I have to tell you, I feel like I am HUGE for five weeks. Seriously. When I was pregnant with my daughter, this was the same look I was at at FOUR MONTHS. That’s a huge jump. Not that I am as skinny as I was with my first pregnancy. But I’m bloated like a mo’ fo’ and feel super huge. It’s very hard to hide it sometimes.

I know they say you always get bigger faster with your second but damn LOL. I feel huge. On the upside, according to the scale, I have lost five pounds. So I like that. I’m sure next week, that won’t be the case. I will probably have gained it all back.

I have also made up my mind this time around I want the epidural. I really do. With my daughter, I didn’t have a choice and had to do the entire birth all natural. The only thing in my IV was water and no drugs even afterwards. I never ever want to go through that again. It was the most horrible experience ever. Natural birth sucks ass. But I’m glad I got to do it. Just don’t ever want to again.

So back to the baby bump thing. Which will it be?

Of course, since we already have a daughter, my husband wants a boy more then anything in the world. I, on the other hand, only want girls. I want twin girls. I have no idea why I’m so obsessed with the idea of twin girls but I want that and have for a long time.

I have decided I do not want to find out the sex of the baby either this time around. Not yet anyway. We found out with our daughter at 19 weeks. This time, I want to wait til the baby shower to find out when I cut into the cake to see if it’s blue or pink. So it will be hard waiting, but I want to do it that way. I don’t think I could go the entire pregnancy without finding out at some point. The suspense would kill me. I do only know one person who had done that. It was so much fun and she has a lot more patience then I do with waiting. My cousin {who is pregnant right now} found out during her baby shower when she cut into the cake and saw it was blue. So that’s the way I planned to go.

I cannot wait til my first doctor's appointment. I have never wanted to go to a doctor so much in my life as I do right now. Just have to wait. But it’s so hard. I’m so excited. Plus I just want to make sure everything is going smoothly. The wait is killing me.

So this was a bit more of an update then I thought it was going to be. But what can I say? I can’t seem to stop talking about it.

♥ Surprise Surprise ♥






So yes, it looks to be true. We are going to be having a baby. I can’t tell you how excited and surprised I am. I honestly thought I would never be able to have another child. We have been trying now for a second child for three years. I thought it was hopeless and ever though I was sad, I was finally becoming ok with the fact I would probably only have one kid.

After I had my daughter, I didn’t want anymore kids but now that she’s older and the baby fever started to kick back in, three years seemed pretty hopeless for trying. But somehow, it seemed to have happened. Don’t ask me how. I don’t even know.

So as of today I am five weeks. Not far at all and shocked that the tests would come up so big and bold for finding out this early. But from just the calculations, I will be due November 15, 2012 which is funny because that is my mom’s birthday. And my daughter’s original due date back in 2006 was November 1. So I guess I’m destined to have fall babies.

And boy, have I had symptoms like crazy. Very severe cramping to the point I’m up all night kicking and beating the couch to death because of how bad they are {yea, sadly it’s normal for me. It was like this in my first pregnancy too. Feels exactly like I’m giving birth. not fun at all. I called a doctor today and she reassured me it’s normal}.

I haven’t thrown up but have had bad nausea. I think it comes more from the pain of the cramps then really feeling sick. My body always goes into a puke mode when I’m in pain. Even with headaches.

Very sore all over my body. Especially boobs and back. And the tiredness has really kicked in. I normally have to take random breaks at work to go outside and take a nap in my car a lot for about 15 mins just to get some energy going again. It helps so it’s nice I can do that.

So I will not be doing anymore weightless things. because obviously, I won’t be losing weight. However, I will be extremely healthy this pregnancy sticking to still working out a bit and eating the way I still am.

My stomach seems so puffy already. I feel as though I have blown up. I know they say you start showing a lot sooner with your second one. I had a flat stomach the first time I got pregnant and didn’t start showing until about 4 months. But I feel I look 4 months preggo already. I think it’s just because of being bloated.

The husband still doesn’t know how to take the news. He’s still acting a bit funny toward me. I think it’s a big shock and he is trying to get used to the idea even though we planned this one, I don’t think you are ever really mentally prepared. Especially the men. But this time around he really wants a boy. I want twin girls…lol. I always have. So we shall see won’t we? I already have names picked out so whichever one it turns out to be I am prepared.

But this is the reason why I have kind of been a bit MIA lately socially. I’ve been excited, upset, depressed, happy, tired…. I’ve been wanting so bad to talk about this. I had to beg my husband to let me blog about it. He wanted me to wait, but I can’t wait. I really wanted to tell someone.

♥ Sponsor Spot Love {3} ♥


Click on the banner to check out her blog

Chrissy is one of my favorite bloggers. I’ve been following her for a long time and have grown to really love this chick! She’s awesome so check her out.


photo (36)I'm just me, with A Lil' Dash of Diva trying to stay true to myself.

I love all things fashion, beauty, sparkly and pink!  I write about gardening, parenting, beauty products & tips, caregiving, weight loss and everything in between.  I'm a stay-at-home mom with a passion for photography.  My family and I live in The Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ).


♥ Sit Back & Relax ♥

Today was a nice relaxing day. Normally I use Sundays as my cleaning day but I did that yesterday so today was kind of nice to not do anything. Just sat on the computer, watched movies with my daughter, helped my husband with some of his models for work and ran to the store for some errands. Not too shabby. Pretty much in pajamas all day which seems to never happen.
I’m not really the type of person who likes to stay home on her days off. Normally, I’m up and going and get out of the house type of girl. But today was different. Today was a lazy day and well needed.
The husband made strawberry daiquiris and they were yummy. Just what I needed to take some edge off. Especially if you read my blog from yesterday, it was much needed to just relax a bit.
Now I’m just feeling a bit tipsy and I love it!