♥ The Rant of Healthy Eating ♥

exercise-healthy-eatingSo I wanted to write a serious post because of some feelings that are really involved with it. And so since it bothered me so deeply, I figured I would write about it.

Now, most of you know, I decided to start this year off as a brand new me. Our little family has completely done a 360 and turned our eating habits and lifestyle around. I was tired of not being happy with the way I looked or felt. I missed the days of walking into a store and being able to buy out the size mediums and size 10 clothes and just know they would look cute on me without having to try them on.

Those days disappeared after I had my daughter. And now I want them back. And so we decided as a family to do this. We are now completely healthy eaters. And seriously, that means everything is homemade {including the juice}.

We have cut out the following:

  • Artificial preservative, sweeteners, flavors, etc
  • Almost all added sugars {only the ones that are in fruit I intake}
  • All fast food
  • Store bought juice
  • Nothing that needs to be microwaved or has been
  • Pretty much everything not good for you.

And we absolutely do not use anything containing aspartame in it. Its hard to find though with over 6000 products containing it, but we still find things we can eat. Things from chewing gum to yogurt to sugar free or fat free anything, even certain vitamins. I really encourage everyone who hasn’t looked into this to. Its extremely scary stuff and does so much damage to your body. We haven’t eaten anything with that in it for years now.

I’m also proud to say we also have not eaten anything that needs to go in a microwave for almost a year. Yup you heard me. If we need something heated or cooked, its only over an oven, stove or toaster oven. Microwave’s give off so much radiation over a lifetime that the BPA levels that rise when plastic is heated is scary as well. So we have eliminated that out of our diet.

Many people ask me how do we eat if we don’t have a microwave. The answer is simple. Either don’t eat it or heat it up on the stove. Like at work, most people bring a tv dinner or something. I just have a salad. No oven so I can’t heat up anything. Now, there is a toaster oven there and I have used that occasionally but I like the one we have here at home better.

So anyway, now that I have informed a little, I wanted to write why I feel so strongly about this. The other day, a person {who I thought was a friend} was talking to someone else and I overheard her say that people who choose to eat healthy and watch what they eat are PATHETIC. Now this hit a nerve. And sadly, I am a very sensitive person. Especially when someone I trust is talking s**t about me with me being right there. I’m sure she thought I didn’t overhear the conversation. But I don’t know how since I was five feet away from them.

So she went on and on claiming that these pathetic people should go get a hobby or start doing puzzles or something because obviously they have no life and sit around worrying about everything they eat and it’s sad and a waste. She goes on to say also eating healthy doesn’t do any good anyway. Everything will kill you so what's the point and she claims that just eating things in moderation is all you need to do instead of wasting all your money on food that is so called “good for you”.

Now, eating in moderation is ok. However, in her case, eating a candy bar a day is not moderation as she claims because it’s only once a day so its moderated. No. But it just kept getting to me so much that I started to cry because of all the hurtful things she said about being pathetic and it’s a waste of time and people who do this are stupid.

And that is what pissed me off because she knows I’m so proud of becoming a healthy eater. I went everyday eating fast food, drinking soda and stuff to being the most strict I have ever been on myself. Cutting it all out cold turkey and that’s hard to do. So knowing everyday I talk to her about my eating accomplishments and the weight I have lost and how great I feel, and then her going off and saying this stuff really hurt me bad. It was a long conversation too. And everything she was saying had me thinking this:

She is really jealous. That is where all this hatred is coming from

But you know what? I couldn’t help it. I still cried. When you trust someone who is supposed to be your friend and supportive to turn around and say you are pathetic is just wrong. It’s wrong! I would never do that to her. She’s mad because she tried to eat healthy and failed. She couldn’t have the self control or drive and now taking her anger out on me as if I’m the bad one.

eat-right-to-lower-your-cholesterol-21266908And for some reason it bugs me so much. I think I’m done with friends and just sticking to the wonderful friends I have made on here who are supportive and don’t shut you down when you are doing something good. If she thinks it’s so pathetic, she could just keep her opinions to herself instead. That’s how I feel anyway. I don’t put her down for things she is doing I think or know is wrong, bad and stupid. So I thought I would get the same respect. The difference between me and her is, she is the one always doing something wrong, bad or stupid {which I could seriously write a novel on the things this chick has said or done} while I’m just trying to become a better me.

So I’m just going to keep on eating right, drinking right and let her watch in jealousy {and brag} as I start looking amazing while she is trying to figure out how I did it. So I don’t need negative people like that to talk to. I’ll just stay positive to myself. Others really try to bring you down because they fail and it’s not how people should be. Not friends anyway. I guess I should say EX-friend.

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