♥ Mary Had A Little Lamb ♥

Tonight, my daughter said the cutest thing. Funny thing with kids, they say the cutest things all the time. I wish I was able to record every funny/cute thing my child has said over the course of her 5 years on earth.

But what was funny, she was on the phone with my dad {I only get to speak to my parents on Mondays and Tuesdays} and he asked if she knew how to sing “Mary Had A Little Cow”. Of course, my dad is a moron and just loves messing with everyone.

I told her to tell him we were playing songs on the piano and he asked what songs did she play. I taught her “Jingle Bells” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb”.

So she started singing it to my dad and I realized she was saying

Mary Had A Little Land

It was too funny I had to laugh. So according to her, Mary had some land. Not a lamb. It just sounded so adorable her saying it. Little things like that make me smile and wish I could hold this time still with her.


My little pianist. I hope one day she will grow up to love playing as much as I do. I spent a lot of my life playing/teaching the piano. So I am excited to be able to teach her.

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  1. that is awesome -- i wish i had stuck to my piano lessons -- three years of lessons & 30+ years later i bet i couldn't play *mary had a little land* or *lamb*!

    your daughter is precious!