♥ Make Your Own Word Find ♥

So I felt like posting something a bit fun and creative. Since I like to be creative and yet, never seem to have the time anymore…I still like to think of things to come up with and share my findings.

A few years back when I was planning my wedding, I came across some really cute ideas. If you are a bride-to-be, I very much recommend checking out Wedding By Color. This site was my life. It is highly addicting and you find the most creative and great ideas used in weddings by real brides in the color theme you choose. I love it! I even still go back from time to time to look at everything people are doing or ideas they have come up with the share.

One thing on there I remember seeing was a Wedding Word Find. I thought this was a great idea because it would either fit perfectly in your programs or on a fan for guests to do while seated before the wedding or after during the reception or any other down time.

Or if not at the wedding, it would be perfect for a bridal shower/bachelorette party game. And the great part is, you can customize it to anything you want. Fill in any words for your friends, family, guests to locate about you and your sweetheart. Clever!

So I did a very generic one as an example from this site:





Simple enough. Then you just place them into a photo editing program to give it a personal touch, print it out and you have a great easy way to entertain guests.


Not only is is a great wedding idea, but this would work for pretty much every occasion. Birthday parties would probably be a big smash. Baby showers as well. That would be really cute. And another idea too for the holidays could be word find wrapping paper:


I love this! So that’s my little fun find for the evening. I’m thinking if I have another child, I’ll do this for the baby shower and when my daughter gets into school more and her and her friends are reading, this would be perfect for her birthday parties!

Just a cute idea I'd thought I would share.

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