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Today was a typical Sunday morning in our house. Woke up and me and the husband had a fight {it’s becoming a daily ritual now} and that took my hormones and emotions off the charts. Damn PMS. I don’t like when you turn me into an emotionally crazy bitch. Yea, it never fails. Wish I could control that shit more.
So I got up and immediately started doing laundry. Still crying and still being moody. My daughter and my husband just know to sit back and pretty much laugh at me. They say I make the “ugly” cry face. I just walk around with that face with tears pouring because one little emotion sparks huge effects. Like I said, damn PMS.
After I was finally done with my rant and tears, I just started cleaning. I only really like to clean when I’m mad. It just pushes me for some reason. The husband can tell when I’m really upset because I just start cleaning like crazy.

So I cleaned and just went room to room and putting away all the laundry as the loads got done. He decided to take a five hour nap. So I felt bad trying to keep the little one busy while I tried to finish cleaning. I had her playing video games, watching Netflix, playing with toys, reading, helping me… she was not satisfied. The only thing this little girl wanted to do was ride her bike.
I told her since I was finishing up, I would take her outside to ride her bike. Sadly, when I went outside to get her bike it was freezing. We are talking like 40 degree weather. No way! Not for us. It was just in the 70’s and 80’s here. Florida never gets below 65 degrees hardly ever. but today, it was freezing. Funny how by the middle of this week, it will be back up to 85 as I just saw on the news. Damn bi-polar weather.

So I had to tell her it was far too cold to go ride bikes. She was upset and very sad of course. It’s all she has been wanting to do. I felt bad. So I told her I will take her shopping and she can use the gift card she got from Grandma & Grandpa for Valentine’s Day.
So we went to Walmart {that’s where the giftcard was to} and I promised her we would pick out a fun board game. So sadly, they hardly had anything for a selection. But I saw Chutes and Ladders and remember how much I loved it. So she agreed she wanted it and we got it.


I brought her home and we started playing it immediately. She was so excited and had a blast. We played two times and she beat me both times. Little stinker. I don’t know how that happened. I wasn’t even trying to let her win. So she is in love with this game. She kept wanting to play it over and over.
I’m all worn out of Chutes & Ladders. The game has re-vamped itself. It looks different the version I had as a kid. Of course, that was to be expected. Just looks strange to me now. But she loves it. And I’m glad she does.

And I’m excited because tomorrow when I get home from work, I’m going to be making cupcakes for her Valentine’s Day party at school on Tuesday. My husband just wanted to buy store bought ones. But I really wanted to do the fun, crafty mom thing I never get to do and make them myself. This will be so neat and fun. I’m overly excited about it.

I’ll have to stay up late making them but I think it’ll be worth it. I bought everything I need for them today and have an image in my mind of how I want them to look so I think I am set. I really wish I could have sat and baked them and decorated them all today. However, they wouldn’t be so fresh for the party. I’ll post pictures of them once I get to baking them! So I was happy to be able to do the “mom” thing and have a fun game afternoon with my daughter and glad she enjoyed it. I sometimes miss being able to do simple things like that because I’m so busy with everything else. I’m at work 10 hours a day so it doesn’t make a lot of room for “mommy & me” time. So I’m glad to get it in whenever I can.

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