♥ Fighting The Battle With Cancer ♥

My lovely friend Ashley over at Random Thoughts From A Mad White Woman has asked for everyone’s attention and help regarding a serious matter she is passionate about.

The Fight Against Cancer

Here is her story and why she is asking for everyone’s help

Last year I was asked why I relay...

I really had to think about that, do a lot of deep soul searching.

I relay for research. Plain and simple.

My cousin lost her battle with Acute myeloid leukemia the year she turned 16, but she was also a part of something huge.....She was involved in a clinical trial of Gleevec in kids, Gleevec saves so many lives now. She got it....

My dad, when he got his Terminal diagnosis, did he lay down and die??
Absolutely not. He enrolled in a Clinical trial for a drug that was supposed to shrink tumors.... and it did for a while. He continued to hope and fight. My dad got it......


Now I come back to why I relay... What these to amazing fighters taught me, without research nothing will change.

Every cancer will be just as deadly, just as nasty,

So maybe i will use my misfortune and loss
to help someone else not have it quite so bad.... I will give unto others,
myself. I relay to honor the ones who gave their bodies to help others
even when it may not have helped themselves,

I Relay for RESEARCH!!! I Relay For LIFE!
This year my goal is $5000. I am a long way from it.
Please make a donation, HERE!
Help me save lives. Please share this post, the link to my page, anything.

So I’m asking all of you to help out and bring awareness, hope, love and everything else and share this post or the post on her page on all your social media sites. Get the word out and maybe together, we can help bring a chance for someone else fighting the battle with cancer.

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