♥ Do You Know Your Family History? ♥


Back when I was in sixth grade, we had to do a family history report. I never thought about it before then. But ever since I had found out about where my family came from and who they were, it was a fascination I have had ever since.

The funny thing is every little girl growing up thinks she is a princess. I know I always did. Little did I know that yes, in fact it were true. Long ago back in the time of the medieval ages, my ancestors on my father’s side were of noble and royal blood. Our family dates back to the Dutch royals. I had such an uncommon last name being American and hated how everyone mispronounced it.

When we were stationed in Germany {where I grew up and spent mythe-netherlands childhood} we visited my dad’s home land of Holland. My dad has very strong Dutch in his features and 75% blood. While we were there, we found our family members names and our last name engraved in castle walls, and churches and it was very interesting indeed.

After having to interview my grandparents about our family history it was true. My dad’s, grandfather came from Holland and then changed the name slightly to what my dad’s last name {my maiden name} is now to be more “Americanized”. I always thought that fascinating because I can say deep down I really am a princess. And of course, everyone knows Holland for their four biggest things:

  1. Windmills
  2. Beautiful Tulips
  3. Wooden Clogs
  4. Amazing Cheese

And my other 25% of heritage on my dad’s side is Native American through his mothers side. Although I cannot remember the exact tribe at this time. But I know that’s where I get my tanned skin from {which I love}. I wish I could find out more information about that part of my dad’s family.

mrussiaOn my mother’s side, we are Polish & Russian. My grandmother told me so much information about this side of the family. Back during the early 1900’s when the civil war in Russia broke out against the Czar, relatives from my mom’s side tried to escape Russia and by doing so, they had to change their last name to a Greek name to not be caught.They fled to America with a new name {which was my Grandmother’s maiden name} and a new life.

That was my grandmother’s father. My grandmother’s mother was Polish andPoland_map very Catholic. I do not know too much about my Polish heritage. I’m saddened by that. I need to speak to my grandmother again to see if I can get more information about it before she passes away. She told me once, but I have long forgotten anything that was of high importance.

It seems like I know two of my ancestry backgrounds so well and two I’m uneducated in. I need to find out before it starts to disappear and no one remembers.

Do you know your family background well? I find it very cool to see where we come from and who we are. Just one of those things I love finding out about myself.

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