♥ Bloggers Biggest Loser 2.29.12 ♥

Blogger's Biggest LoserWaist Watcher Wednesday

It’s another round of Blogger’s Biggest Loser. These two weeks since I participated have really flip flopped on me. My weight goes down, then back up again. This has also been two weeks of going a tad over my calorie count as well.

So here are my numbers. Not too happy with them though it could be worse I guess. I wish I lost more weight then I did. But with the up and down numbers, well…what can ya do ya know?

Last post’s weigh in:

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

And here it is for today:

LilySlim Weight loss tickers
But to explain it better I made a vlog about my weight loss. Click the link below to view it

Blogger Biggest Loser Week 7

Of course, I wasn’t like “camera ready” just got home from work, in changed into something comfy and no makeup on or anything. So excuse the look. But it explains the process of what we are and are not eating and things like that

Mers Memoirs Work it Wednesday


  1. february has just SUCKED all across the board -- thank the lawd its MARCH!

  2. I thought I was doing good too. Need to get back on the ball :( I can't wait to get a treadmill. It's what I'm asking for my birthday. I think it'll help a lot