♥ Bloggers Biggest Loser 2.15.12 ♥

It’s been two weeks and so the weigh in begins again. Join up with so many others to participate in getting healthy and changing lives!

Blogger's Biggest Loser
So, this past week wasn’t my greatest. I was doing fantastic not eating anything bad and then I did. There was some pizza, chinese and girl scout cookies. I’m so not proud and have beat myself up for it. The weight was coming off and then slowly crept back up then down then up….. its fucking depressing!
So I’m getting back. Still watching the calories, still trying to get in some exercise. I worked out mad hard at the gym Saturday. It felt amazing too. We are talking about canceling our gym membership and just buying a really good treadmill. I think it would be better. The I could workout anytime and not be disappointed and miss going to the gym because they are closed or the child care hours are not in operation. So it would help a lot. I think we are.
So here was last posts weigh-in:
LilySlim Weight loss tickers
And here it is for today:
LilySlim Weight loss tickers

So not much of a loss. But not too shabby for just seven weeks either. I’m still disappointed in myself and need to try and drop four more pounds by the next link up I do.

I’m now on MyFitnessPal! I’ve done really good keeping up on here with tracking things. It’s pretty fun actually. Anyone else that has this should add me if they wish. Click the button below to become my friend :0)


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