February 2012 - xoxo Rebecca

♥ Golden Shower Morning ♥

Exactly what I mean in the title. It deals with being pissed on. Nothing like getting your day started with someone or something taking a piss on you.

It happened to me on Monday morning. This were going as usual.

I got up:

Started my daily commute to work:

And then wouldn’t you know it, I got stuck behind a truck hauling a cow. A BIG cow at that:

Now there was just one cow, but he was like the Godzilla of cows.

And of course, because of the road I was on, it’s only one way going each direction with no passing. So I had no choice but to stay behind this truck for a good 5 miles. So I stayed a reasonable distance from him.

The road is 55 mph and we were going that speed too. The wind started to pick up and was blowing pretty hard. Enough to make my car feel like it was pushing at times.

So I see the cow turning around. I figured it was getting too cold for him. Regardless if he was cold or not, the damn thing lifted up his tail and started to piss in mid air. OMG! That fucking cow pee was picked up by the wind and splashed all over my car.

Are you serious? It really just pissed all over my car. I can say that wasn’t something I ever thought I would live to say had happened to me. Then the cow turned back around and decided it needed to take a shit.

Luckily, we were now where the lanes opened up to two lanes and I was out of there. I was not about to get pissed and shitted on.

So my car received a golden shower from a big ass cow. I hope to never have that happen again. Yuck!

Oh by the way, how was your morning?

♥ Bloggers Biggest Loser 2.29.12 ♥

Blogger's Biggest LoserWaist Watcher Wednesday

It’s another round of Blogger’s Biggest Loser. These two weeks since I participated have really flip flopped on me. My weight goes down, then back up again. This has also been two weeks of going a tad over my calorie count as well.

So here are my numbers. Not too happy with them though it could be worse I guess. I wish I lost more weight then I did. But with the up and down numbers, well…what can ya do ya know?

Last post’s weigh in:

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

And here it is for today:

LilySlim Weight loss tickers
But to explain it better I made a vlog about my weight loss. Click the link below to view it

Blogger Biggest Loser Week 7

Of course, I wasn’t like “camera ready” just got home from work, in changed into something comfy and no makeup on or anything. So excuse the look. But it explains the process of what we are and are not eating and things like that

Mers Memoirs Work it Wednesday

♥ Wordless Wednesday ♥

Sorry guys for the late post for this. I meant to do this last night but the hubby took us out for a family dinner to Chili's and I got a bit “tipsy” to say the least off some margaritas and I passed out by 8:00pm. I was wasted {I have never been good at holding my liquor} and I’ve been at work all day and can’t blog at work so better late then never right?

So my daughter {the other night} asked me to read her the fortune out of her fortune cookie. And when I read it to her, she giggled. This was what she got:


So as you know the rules. Grab the button and link up

Wordless Wednesday

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♥ Mary Had A Little Lamb ♥

Tonight, my daughter said the cutest thing. Funny thing with kids, they say the cutest things all the time. I wish I was able to record every funny/cute thing my child has said over the course of her 5 years on earth.

But what was funny, she was on the phone with my dad {I only get to speak to my parents on Mondays and Tuesdays} and he asked if she knew how to sing “Mary Had A Little Cow”. Of course, my dad is a moron and just loves messing with everyone.

I told her to tell him we were playing songs on the piano and he asked what songs did she play. I taught her “Jingle Bells” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb”.

So she started singing it to my dad and I realized she was saying

Mary Had A Little Land

It was too funny I had to laugh. So according to her, Mary had some land. Not a lamb. It just sounded so adorable her saying it. Little things like that make me smile and wish I could hold this time still with her.


My little pianist. I hope one day she will grow up to love playing as much as I do. I spent a lot of my life playing/teaching the piano. So I am excited to be able to teach her.

♥ Sponsor Spot Love {1} ♥

I wanted to say a huge thank you for everyone who is participating with me in sponsor spots and button swaps. So to get to know a few more blogs better, I am going to highlight each one. If you would like to participate in becoming a sponsor, go to the Contact Me tab at the top of my page. Sponsor swaps are all free of charge.

So without further adieu, here is one of my favorite bloggers. Check out her foul mouth blog and fall in love with it just as much as I have:

Click the banner to visit her blog


1. I was born in Kilmarnock in Scotland. Where they make the Johnny Walker whiskey. I detest whiskey.

2. I stabbed my sister with a pencil when I was about 7 years old and she still has the piece of lead in her arm.

3. I prefer cats to dogs. Dogs slobber and shite everywhere.

4. I own one, yes one, house plant that I've had for 20 years because I always seem to kill them.

5. I so badly wanted a puppy when I was growing up that I started behaving like one and used to walk around on all fours barking at everyone. I have a very convincing dog-bark.

6. I had to be rushed to the hospital on my very first day at primary school to get 4 stitches in my knee because I fell on a sharp stone.

7. I've been married to my Wonderful Husband for nearly 12 years.

8. My Wonderful Husband and I moved in together after dating for only 3 months.

9. I have done the BIG SWING in Graskop and almost had fekking heart failure.

10. I have two beautiful, incredibly different and active wee lassies.

11. Until I met my Wonderful Husband, I was NEVER going to get married or have children.

12. One of my school friends stood on my middle finger and broke it on my tenth birthday.  Thanx Lauren!

13. I bite my nails.

14. I always wanted to be a journalist or have a career in advertising.

15. I can speak fluent knit (K2tog, K1,P1)

16. I can't sew.

17. I HATE ironing and will avoid it at ALL costs.

18. I can read people pretty well and can generally tell when someone is fibbing.

19. I fart - loud - and I admit it.

20. I love the word FUCK - it is so expressive and I use it often.

21. When someone stands too close to me in a queue I want to freak the crap out! It drives me insane. It's called Personal Space, Fuckers!! Take a fucking step back!

22. I love Vlogging and planking

23. Easter isn’t complete without half a dozen Cadbury's Creme Eggs.

24. I have five tattoos.

25. I have a pierced tongue.

26. I have a big-ass industrial-sized dish washer that I got for nothing from a friend and its the best and fucking ugliest thing in my kitchen.

27. I couldn't live without my friends. They are very dear to me and I tell them how I feel often.

28. I would rather go through natural childbirth WITHOUT drugs before I suffer toothache.

29. I have walked with the elephants and ridden one too.  What an incredible experience!

30. My favourite sandwich is chicken mayonnaise with crispy bacon and avo on Health Bread - toasted.

31. I craved strawberries and jam doughnuts with my first pregnancy and with my second it was beef crisps.

32. I turned into the Goodyear Blimp when I was pregnant (both times) and I looked like a walking Easter Egg. It wasn't pretty.

33. The Wicked Witch of the West had NOTHING on me when I was preggies. I was the Biatch from Hell on speed. I released the flying monkeys daily.

34. When I was about 11 years old I lived in or is it on, my roller skates. You know the ones with the four chunky wheels with the big stopper at the front? I would put them on the minute I got home from school and not take them off until bed time. I did everything in my skates.

35. I love to karaoke but can’t sing for shite.

36. I took typing at school because it was an easy and a "cop-out" subject. I was a lazy little git at school.

37. I am a natural red-head.

38. I believe in the death penalty.

39. I'm addicted to reality TV - if I don't get my dose of The Big Bang Theory, I get VERY pissy.

40. I want to die having known my grand-children.

41. I have done white-water tubing (geckoing) and absa lootly loved it.

42. I still have my appendix.

43. I am interested in many subjects and it makes me appear fickle and flighty.

44. I secretly wish they celebrated Halloween here in South Africa so I could dress up more.

45. Camping is one of my favourite things to do. I love being outside, getting dirty and being away from the hustle and bustle.

46. I don't like cooking because of all the mess I have to clean up afterward. I'd probably cook more if someone was washing up for me as I went along.

47. I yell out “Bless You!” when strangers sneeze in public.

48. I hate rodents. Vermin MUST be exterminated.

49. I love the smell of coffee but don't make me drink it. Yuk! I'm tea Jenny - no milk either.

50. My first car was a Ford Escort in baby blue with a white vinyl top and I named him Clifford. I loved that car and it was a 1.3 that only ever ran on three cylinders.

51. I am pro-choice.

52. I hate wearing knickers with pants.

53. My work is important to me. It keeps me sane and I get a lot of joy out of being efficient.

54. I enjoy skinny dipping.

55. I prefer my toilet roll to roll out over the top not from underneath - if its from underneath a someone else's house, I will change it just to piss them off.

56. I'm incredibly short-sighted.

57. I did the ABSA Relay race for eight years in a row (even when I was pregnant both times) until it was "discontinued". Cheap bastids!

58. I have baskets and bowls all around my house with general shit in. I know it annoys everyone but at least I know where to find things.

59. I spent an entire day in a string bikini playing volley ball without sun-screen. I got such bad sun stroke, I thought I was on my way out. Seriously, death would've been better looking than my lobster skin sitting below a ice-cold shower..

60. Chocoholic

61. I did drum majorettes for three years in high school. Short skirts and busbies.

62. When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina but my mum couldn't afford dance lessons. I had a neighbour who went twice a week and I'd rush over to her house after she got back from her lessons and she'd teach me what she did that day. I'd squeeze my feet into her tiny ballet pumps (she was almost two years younger than I was) - it was very sad.

63. I get along with my in-laws and love them very much.

64. I love musicals and love watching Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz over and over.

65. My breasts were silicone-enhanced three years ago. I still love the twins.

66. I enjoy playing board games that involve general knowledge - I'm not a great player but I still love it.

67. I don't drink enough water.

68. I have a very keen sense of smell. I can smell onions from a mile away.

69. Naked hand-stands and cartwheels are fun!

70. I'm looking my age now. I see more and more wear and tear everyday. Crows feet and drooping.

71. I only drink beer for burping competitions, which I generally win.

72. My favourite colour is orange. I will buy anything if its orange just coz I love the colour. I wear it, I eat it, I drive it, I would have everything in orange if I could.

73. I ADORE pretty heels. I have a regular Friday feature on my blog called Fridays Shoegasm.

74. Kiss me on my lower back and I'm yours forever.

75. I love crystals and gems. My favourite is amethyst. I believe all crystals have healing powers and I have several books on the subject.

76. Music feeds my soul and I love everything from classical to heavy metal rock.

77. I hate my freckles and "ginger" looking skin. I secretly wished I had olive skin and looked exotic.

78. The Russian Ballet company came to South Africa and it is the best ballet performance I have ever seen. They were incredible and literally took my breath away.

79. I'm quite a good ice skater.

80. I own a Grammar book, a thesaurus and a dictionary and all three stand on my desk at work. I have never used them.

81. I can dance for hours on end. This "Tannie" can "skut her biscuit".

82. I can peel potatoes at lightning speed but only with a potato peeler.

83. I cry at Dr Phil and Oprah. I cry at the movies a lot. I cry at some commercials for heaven's sake. I'm a real blubber bucket.

84. I hope to someday visit Italy and Europe as I crave the architecture and history of the place.

85. I own a rubic cube and only my husband can solve the thing in less than two minutes.

86. Bono from U2 was my big fat crush when I was a teenager. I hoped someday to kiss Paul Hewson full on the mouth...

87. I have the ugliest feet. I have bunions and my toe next to my pinkie toe is so badly bent it looks as if its looking around the corner. Must've been all those fucking pointy heels in the 80s.

88. I was never officially proposed to. We just decided mutually that it was a good idea. I secretly wish it could happen all over again so I could have ONE romantic moment.

89. I have NEVER been skinny, even though I'd love to be. Even in matric when I was 16, I had a good figure but never weighed less than 53kg (as an adult) and I'm only five foot.

90. Farting at work is not an issue for me. I have a special spray on my desk for such occasions and everyone knows that when they smell my vanilla spray, that I've farted. Hey! What would you rather smell?

91. I had various moles removed from my body and face. I was worried that I'd end up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West with hair growing out of her facial moles.  They were disgusting.

92. "Charlotte's Web" made me sob.

93. My parents have been married for 45 years. That's a fucking miracle!!

94. I have a weakness for trendy colourful handbags, sunglasses and shoes. I must have a dozen pairs of sunglasses. Accessorize, gurls!

95. I love waterless hand cleanser and always keep some in my handbag.

96. I had a sympathectomy when I was 27 for hyperhidrosis. Are you googling yet?

97. I once killed a boyfriends hamster by mistake by leaving him out on a sunny balcony in his plastic ball for an entire afternoon. When I went to put him back in his cage he was stiff as a board. I felt like shit.

98. I think Billy Connolly and Ray William Johnson are hysterical and they never fail to make me chuckle out loud.

99. I laugh VERY loud and when I get a giggling fit I can't stop myself...It happens often.

100. I consider South Africa my home even though I was born and stayed in Scotland for 10 years.

♥ Fur Baby Friday ♥

Fur Baby Friday sounded too cute to pass up. So I’m joining in the fun. I sometimes post pics of my kitty so this is just another excuse to show her off :)

My kitty’s info:

  • Her name is Seven

  • My husband got her as a Christmas present on Christmas Eve 2010

  • She was 11 weeks old when we got her

  • She is now one year and four months old

  • She is a tuxedo cat {all black w/ a white triangle under her neck

  • She’s one hyper kitty

♥ That Friday Blog Hop {38} ♥

So yea! The week is almost over and the weekend is almost here. You know what that means! That Friday Blog Hop is up and running.

I have no rules. Rules are made to be broken anyway right? So what’s the point of posting any. Link up any and all your social networking.

Now if you haven’t noticed, I can’t get GFC… boo to that. So I installed Linky Friends. You can find that on my sidebar. Go ahead and follow me there and also through email as well.

So let another Friday come and hopefully get a bunch of blogs and other sites linked on here

That Friday Blog Hop

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♥ Love It & Hate It ♥

Everyone has their ups & downs where they live. I really love living in Orlando. I have always been a Florida girl at heart even before I moved here. And of course, I moved here for the great beaches, fun attractions and the all summer weather like this:


As you can see, it’s supposed to hit 90 degrees on Friday and has been a very warm week. This is pretty much the temps all year round. We do get one week of winter pretty much out of the year and that’s about it. Then summer temperatures.

However, the down fall to living in Orlando is the high prices that come because of the tourists at Disney, SeaWorld, Universal, etc….

Gas has been on the rise all over but it’s almost $6.00 a gallon in some parts of the city and that kinda bites. Especially for someone like me who has to drive almost 100 miles a day to and from work 5 days a week. So 500 miles a week and all that gas. I will start spending more driving then making. And that’s pretty sad.


So what do you love/hate about where you live? Are your gas prices just as high? Higher? Lower? Sadly, they said by the summer, it will hit $10.00 a gallon. I don’t know how that’s going to work out for me at all.

♥ Edit Me 2012 - Week 8 ♥

Edit Me

It’s been such a long time since I participated in this challenge and really used to love it. So I’m going at it again. The original picture provided was:

And here is my edit of the photo below:


  • I cropped the photo in a bit so that the subject matter wasn’t centered

  • I took the exposure levels and brought them up so that more white showed as if more light was coming through

  • I smoothed out the child’s skin and brightened it up

  • Tried to make the foreground pop out more then the background.

♥ Wordless Wednesday ♥

The best part about being an Orlando resident is that I get to see this


whenever I feel like it. It’s practically in our backyard so its fun to see the fireworks and stuff all the time. I took this photo on our last visit to the park. We used to be able to go every weekend. now with ticket prices going a bit too high now, we can only go once every couple of months. But I cannot complain. That’s more then most people get to go. So this was a fun photo to share.

Now it’s your turn. Link up your Wordless Wednesday photos below. Grab the button and spread the word about joining in.

Wordless Wednesday
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PhotobucketLinking back up again with XMAS DOLLY for another week of Monday Music Moves Me. I love this link up. Getting to see so many different musical tastes from everyone.

This week’s theme is FREEBIE week again. I love the freebie ones. And of course as always, I add a theme to those.

So this week I have chosen to showcase a few of my favorites from:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cpeNaMSeNY?fs=1][youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC7V9dn1rC8?fs=1][youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1Yt0xJKDY8?fs=1][youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0habxsuXW4g?fs=1]

♥ A Saturday Night ♥

Saturday nights have completely gone from being fun, flirty, going out to sitting around doing absolutely nothing. Of course, the joys of being a mom and a wife.

I miss those date nights and getting all dressed up cute to go out to the movies and dinner. Oh one day I long for those times again. But what can ya do? LOL this is my life.

So it’s 1:00am and I’m just sitting here watching the oh so fabulous tv show “The Hills” {one of my all time fav shows"}. The daughter is in bed asleep and the husband is upstairs in his man room watching his shows.

I did get to do something today I absolutely love and haven’t been able to do in a while. Can ya guess what it was?

52659_story__tanning bed

Yes. I finally got to go tanning. It’s one of my most favorite things to do. It relaxes me so much and I enjoy it. Plus, I love being tanned. I get depressed when I’m pale. I love a warm glow to my skin. So it was nice.


Also, the husband was unpacking a few boxes we have laying around and he found my Nintendo NES from when I was little. I remember getting this for my birthday when it first came out. Oh the memories of horrible graphic video games.


So as you can see, he set it up and our daughter loved playing “Duck Hunt” and he was sitting there playing “Bart Vs. The Space Mutants”. We had a few games found as you can see. But there are about three more trays full of games somewhere still in boxes. So he wants to dig those out and play them. Funny it still works. I’m kind of surprised but then again, I’m not. I’ve taken very good care of it throughout the years.

♥ Bloggers Biggest Loser 2.15.12 ♥

It’s been two weeks and so the weigh in begins again. Join up with so many others to participate in getting healthy and changing lives!

Blogger's Biggest Loser
So, this past week wasn’t my greatest. I was doing fantastic not eating anything bad and then I did. There was some pizza, chinese and girl scout cookies. I’m so not proud and have beat myself up for it. The weight was coming off and then slowly crept back up then down then up….. its fucking depressing!
So I’m getting back. Still watching the calories, still trying to get in some exercise. I worked out mad hard at the gym Saturday. It felt amazing too. We are talking about canceling our gym membership and just buying a really good treadmill. I think it would be better. The I could workout anytime and not be disappointed and miss going to the gym because they are closed or the child care hours are not in operation. So it would help a lot. I think we are.
So here was last posts weigh-in:
LilySlim Weight loss tickers
And here it is for today:
LilySlim Weight loss tickers

So not much of a loss. But not too shabby for just seven weeks either. I’m still disappointed in myself and need to try and drop four more pounds by the next link up I do.

I’m now on MyFitnessPal! I’ve done really good keeping up on here with tracking things. It’s pretty fun actually. Anyone else that has this should add me if they wish. Click the button below to become my friend :0)


♥ Wordless Wednesday–Valentine Style ♥

It’s another week with another Wordless Wednesday posting!

Today I’m sharing photos of the cupcakes my husband made {yes, he couldn’t wait for me} for our daughter’s Valentine Day party at school. If you read my last post, you would know I was totally excited about making these. He beat me to it. But I’m glad him and our daughter had a blast helping him.

After I got home from work, I got to put the hearts on them at least. But they are made from scratch. The icing too. We do the long way and it’s more fun and tastes better too. He found this great buttercream recipe and decided to try it. Tasted pretty good. Very very sugary!

So here are our cupcakes:


So grab the button and link up with your Wordless Wednesday Photos below:

Photobucket <a border="0" href="http://to-calm-insanity.blogspot.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v324/satinxoxo/blog%20buttons/wordlesswed.jpg" /></a>


♥ Just Being Mom ♥

Today was a typical Sunday morning in our house. Woke up and me and the husband had a fight {it’s becoming a daily ritual now} and that took my hormones and emotions off the charts. Damn PMS. I don’t like when you turn me into an emotionally crazy bitch. Yea, it never fails. Wish I could control that shit more.
So I got up and immediately started doing laundry. Still crying and still being moody. My daughter and my husband just know to sit back and pretty much laugh at me. They say I make the “ugly” cry face. I just walk around with that face with tears pouring because one little emotion sparks huge effects. Like I said, damn PMS.
After I was finally done with my rant and tears, I just started cleaning. I only really like to clean when I’m mad. It just pushes me for some reason. The husband can tell when I’m really upset because I just start cleaning like crazy.

So I cleaned and just went room to room and putting away all the laundry as the loads got done. He decided to take a five hour nap. So I felt bad trying to keep the little one busy while I tried to finish cleaning. I had her playing video games, watching Netflix, playing with toys, reading, helping me… she was not satisfied. The only thing this little girl wanted to do was ride her bike.
I told her since I was finishing up, I would take her outside to ride her bike. Sadly, when I went outside to get her bike it was freezing. We are talking like 40 degree weather. No way! Not for us. It was just in the 70’s and 80’s here. Florida never gets below 65 degrees hardly ever. but today, it was freezing. Funny how by the middle of this week, it will be back up to 85 as I just saw on the news. Damn bi-polar weather.

So I had to tell her it was far too cold to go ride bikes. She was upset and very sad of course. It’s all she has been wanting to do. I felt bad. So I told her I will take her shopping and she can use the gift card she got from Grandma & Grandpa for Valentine’s Day.
So we went to Walmart {that’s where the giftcard was to} and I promised her we would pick out a fun board game. So sadly, they hardly had anything for a selection. But I saw Chutes and Ladders and remember how much I loved it. So she agreed she wanted it and we got it.


I brought her home and we started playing it immediately. She was so excited and had a blast. We played two times and she beat me both times. Little stinker. I don’t know how that happened. I wasn’t even trying to let her win. So she is in love with this game. She kept wanting to play it over and over.
I’m all worn out of Chutes & Ladders. The game has re-vamped itself. It looks different the version I had as a kid. Of course, that was to be expected. Just looks strange to me now. But she loves it. And I’m glad she does.

And I’m excited because tomorrow when I get home from work, I’m going to be making cupcakes for her Valentine’s Day party at school on Tuesday. My husband just wanted to buy store bought ones. But I really wanted to do the fun, crafty mom thing I never get to do and make them myself. This will be so neat and fun. I’m overly excited about it.

I’ll have to stay up late making them but I think it’ll be worth it. I bought everything I need for them today and have an image in my mind of how I want them to look so I think I am set. I really wish I could have sat and baked them and decorated them all today. However, they wouldn’t be so fresh for the party. I’ll post pictures of them once I get to baking them! So I was happy to be able to do the “mom” thing and have a fun game afternoon with my daughter and glad she enjoyed it. I sometimes miss being able to do simple things like that because I’m so busy with everything else. I’m at work 10 hours a day so it doesn’t make a lot of room for “mommy & me” time. So I’m glad to get it in whenever I can.

♥ S**t My Husband Says ♥

I’ve been seeing this a lot on some blogs and love the idea. Just randomly writing down the stupid shit men say sometimes to us. My husband and I have a love/hate relationship. We hate each other as much as we love each other. I guess it works, right? So far it has.

So anyway, today I went to the gym this morning and worked out pretty hard. I was looking kinda rough when I got home. Somewhat sweaty, smelly, dirty clothes, hair a mess, tired, hungry, hurting…etc…..So he decides he wants me to run all over to look for some pig feet {OMFG barf gag, squeal ick} 
Me: Seriously? Why can’t you go?

Him: I’m stinky. You can go.

Me: I’m worse, I just sweated my ass off on a treadmill.

Him: But you are dressed and look fine.

Me: No. I need a shower.

Him: Please? You can go out. You look good enough to buy pig feet. You aren’t trying to impress anyone anyway.

Me: You really know how to sweet talk a lady, don’t ya?

SERIOUSLY? I look good enough to grab some gross pig feet. Obviously people would want to run and stay clear from my gym smelly sweat odor. Gross. I guess you don’t have to look pretty to go buy pig feet.

Just, ugh…… most days he just makes me want to stick a crayon in his eye. I don’t know what goes through his head sometimes.

Men…enough said. Pig feet…. still can’t stop thinking of how gross it looked. I guess he could have said worse, but I just thought what girl wants to hear she looks good enough to run out and buy some nasty pig feet? Not romantic at all.

♥ The Nail Files ♥

I haven’t participated in a few weeks and so it was long overdue. So I am! I love these little link ups. I know my blog should be more “bloggy” but these are just so much fun, I can’t help myself sometimes. So here are my nails for this week’s edition of:

The Nail Files

This week’s feature color is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Green With Envy

photo 2

♥ Friday Funny–Birthdays ♥


I saw this on facebook and had posted it on my personal page. Thought it was pretty funny. I got some really funny ones from my friends earlier when sharing this. Made me laugh quite a few times.

Use your birthday and leave a comment below:


Mine is: I Banged Cookie Monster

♥ That Friday Blog Hop {37} ♥

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♥ Do You Know Your Family History? ♥


Back when I was in sixth grade, we had to do a family history report. I never thought about it before then. But ever since I had found out about where my family came from and who they were, it was a fascination I have had ever since.

The funny thing is every little girl growing up thinks she is a princess. I know I always did. Little did I know that yes, in fact it were true. Long ago back in the time of the medieval ages, my ancestors on my father’s side were of noble and royal blood. Our family dates back to the Dutch royals. I had such an uncommon last name being American and hated how everyone mispronounced it.

When we were stationed in Germany {where I grew up and spent mythe-netherlands childhood} we visited my dad’s home land of Holland. My dad has very strong Dutch in his features and 75% blood. While we were there, we found our family members names and our last name engraved in castle walls, and churches and it was very interesting indeed.

After having to interview my grandparents about our family history it was true. My dad’s, grandfather came from Holland and then changed the name slightly to what my dad’s last name {my maiden name} is now to be more “Americanized”. I always thought that fascinating because I can say deep down I really am a princess. And of course, everyone knows Holland for their four biggest things:

  1. Windmills
  2. Beautiful Tulips
  3. Wooden Clogs
  4. Amazing Cheese

And my other 25% of heritage on my dad’s side is Native American through his mothers side. Although I cannot remember the exact tribe at this time. But I know that’s where I get my tanned skin from {which I love}. I wish I could find out more information about that part of my dad’s family.

mrussiaOn my mother’s side, we are Polish & Russian. My grandmother told me so much information about this side of the family. Back during the early 1900’s when the civil war in Russia broke out against the Czar, relatives from my mom’s side tried to escape Russia and by doing so, they had to change their last name to a Greek name to not be caught.They fled to America with a new name {which was my Grandmother’s maiden name} and a new life.

That was my grandmother’s father. My grandmother’s mother was Polish andPoland_map very Catholic. I do not know too much about my Polish heritage. I’m saddened by that. I need to speak to my grandmother again to see if I can get more information about it before she passes away. She told me once, but I have long forgotten anything that was of high importance.

It seems like I know two of my ancestry backgrounds so well and two I’m uneducated in. I need to find out before it starts to disappear and no one remembers.

Do you know your family background well? I find it very cool to see where we come from and who we are. Just one of those things I love finding out about myself.

♥ Wordless Wednesday–Turtle Tiny w/Linky ♥

If you recall two weeks ago, I posted a picture of a turtle roaming around outside by my job. Well, this week, I’m going to be adding to my turtle picture collection. But it’s a new Turtle this time!

He’s smaller and I named him “Tiny”. He was outside at my job the other day while I was on the phone during a mini break. He’s cute and I thought I can post another turtle WW. He’s not the same one, so its cool.

So introducing…. TINY the TURTLE

photo 3photo 1photo 2

Now grab the button and link up your Wordless Wednesday photos!

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