♥ Welcome To A New Year ♥

Hello Lovelies! My first official post for the new year. Happy 2012. Its going to be a crazy year for this world and hopefully, we make it out to the end. Through the good and the bad.

Things to look forward to this year coming up:

  • Our three year wedding anniversary. Most days I don’t know how we made it this far. But we have been together for ten years now.
  • I turn the big 3-0 {oh my goodness. Seriously?} 
  • My daughter will be entering kindergarten and leaving private school to go to public. That should be very interesting.
  • Our daughter will be turning six. Time is flying by now with her.  
  • This will mark five years at my job. I’m hoping this will be the year they finally give in and hand out some raises. Would be great if they did. Fingers crossed.

So starting off the New Year with a new post, because of turning things around for the new year, I think I am going to say goodbye and retire for a while my “The Buzz About Me” link-ups. I just seem to get too behind on it and then have such a hard time coming up with questions for a weekly thing. I’d hate to say goodbye to it forever, but for now, I think it will retire away in the vault for a little bit.

However, I would like to replace it with something else that doesn’t require me to gather up so much questions and thought, ya know? You can’t blame me. Sometimes, it takes a lot to figure out what I’m gonna put especially when its been a long day at work for me already.

So I was thinking of participating in a Wordless Wednesday link-up because it seems everyone loves to participate in those and it’s easy and fun. So I think I will do something like that.

Anyway, that does it for now for anything new happening. Still going to get my Friday blog hop back up and going even though I tend to miss those every now and then. But you know, it is what it is! The holidays are hectic even when you are relaxing.

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