♥ Vloggin Vednesday ♥


Alright alright, I gave in and attempted the first time at vlogging. Please, go easy on me people. I was trying to figure everything out and my child wanted the spotlight and I had no idea what to say. Then I started of thinking of things to say and then…well, you’ll see

A bad attempt! Enjoy


I was tired and really really nervous... could you tell? I felt like I was doing something wrong...hahaha anyway, hopefully the next time I attempt this, it will go a bit better. But seriously, I had like so much more footage that during the editing, I seem to have deleted and well, couldn't get it back. It was mostly my daughter talking about how wonderful I am and I work hard and we have a cat...haha Oh and how she gets in trouble when daddy's watching her.

Having her in the video was not planned. I actually started out talking about the subject of driving and then she jumped in and I hit the wrong button, lost what I recorded and so this is the end result of a disaster. But hey, at least I only wasted 2 minutes of your life, right? :0)

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