♥ So Flippin' Hot Outside ♥

It's so hard to imagine what winter feels like anymore. I have been living in Florida since I moved down here back in 2001 to start college and have been here ever since. I love the tropical weather and that there are only two seasons. Spring and Summer.
This week has been so flippin' hot out. Its funny when I look at my friends pictures on facebook from back home and see tons of snow on the ground or how people saying how freezing it is. We have our air conditioner on right now. It got to 80 degrees today and everyone is outside in the pool trying to keep cool from the heat.
I forget it's actually winter in other parts of the world. I don't remember what winter feels like anymore. Here is our forecast for the week:
This is pretty normal for the winter season as well. It starts really feeling more cooler in February. However, we had a few days of cold weather where it was very cold but just maybe 4 days out of the year. So not exactly freezing it up like most of the country.

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