♥ Six Word Saturday 1-7-12 ♥

My morning is six words are:

Woke Up Too Late For Gym

Yes, it sucks. I wanted to go to the gym this morning but woke up too late and of course, it’s too late to go. I hate the gym’s child care hours. If they would actually apply them to a normal human beings schedule, I would be able to make it.

I hate not being able to go because the child care is closing there but the gym still remains open for hours and hours still.

They only have it open on the weekends from 8am-12pm. Its now 10:15am. By the time I get myself ready, my child ready and eat something, then get in the car to drive the 30 mins there, well, it will be like 11:30am. Not leaving any time worth going to work out to have to turn around in 30 mins to drive back home for 30 mins.

Yea, that sucks. But the gym closes at 9pm tonight. So WTF… they need to have the childcare run at least to 2pm or something. That would be ideal for most people.

Anyway, that’s my six words and some bitching. Hope you enjoyed :)


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