★ Shit I Hate Sunday ★

Oh happy day! The bitching is back and I'm so glad! One of the things I do best is bitch and complain. What can I say? Now shall we get on to it?

Shit I Hate.....Those people who tag you in photos on Facebook saying "Please vote for my child for such & such contest". Seriously? Bitch, if I wanted to vote for your kid to look weird, I would have already. Don't need to tag me in this shit and post it all over my wall. Geez...

Shit I Hate.....Those other people on Facebook who say "Yea, I own five purses and four of them are Coach. I'm pathetic and need to shop more." Ugghhhh.....Now, while I am a Coach WHORE! I love Coach bags, I do own one myself, please don't throw out either how much money you have by saying you need to buy more over priced purses. And two, don't make it sound like people should feel sorry for you about only owning four. Geez...

Shit I Hate.....That it's Sunday. You know why? Because that means I have to go back to work tomorrow with a few retarded assholes. Yup, I love my job, but the people....well....there are only about 2 I can think of that are cool.

Shit I Hate.....*a bit on the really personal side* When I get so depressed thinking I can't make my husband happy. I cry and feel like total shit and a failure and I hate that. Why am I beating myself up for it? It gets to me and gets to me hard. And from what he says, it's all in my head. I'm really not as much as a fuck up as I think I am. But I still can't help get in that slump most days.

Shit I Hate.....You know, it has been two and a half years since we have had more then 15 mins alone together {the husband & I}? I really hate that shit. A fucking date night would be the best. Especially with the way I have been feeling lately. Too bad we don't believe in babysitters. That bites me in the ass most of the time.

Shit I Hate.....Stupid stupid stupid people. I cannot stress this enough. Some people are so ignorant or so closed-minded or mis-informed. I just want to shake them upside down and beat them. At least beat some sense into them.

Shit I Hate.....Still haven't been able to get that new iPhone case I wanted. Can't wait for a bit of extra cash to buy something for me!

Shit I Hate.....That taxes seem so long to get here. I want my money now dammit. I'm broke. I need money! Give me my money. That is all

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Yup, what he said, Ha!

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