♥ A New Milestone In This Little Life ♥

Tonight, marked another milestone for my daughter. To my surprise, I came home from work to see that she had lost her first tooth. Yup, her first baby tooth has fallen out. Its on of the front bottom teeth.


She is five and the dentist at our last appointment said it was loose and getting ready to come out. And sure enough, it was gone. Freaks me out a bit. I don’t do good at all with these types of things. In fact, I started gagging and almost puked while my husband terrorized me with the tooth that was sitting on the counter.

So the freaky thing is, the permanent tooth is already coming in and you can see it sticking out. Gross. But I guess at least it doesn’t look that major of a hole. We have to go back to the dentist in two weeks so I will ask if everything is normal with it. If it’s growing in right and stuff.

I just don’t remember being this young and losing my teeth. Not at 5 years old. I feel I was so much older. But maybe not.

But it is scary and exciting at the same time. And the funny thing about the entire situation is what she said to the both of us.

The tooth fairy better bring me fifty bucks

HAHAHAHAHA yea right kid. No, in fact, I figured out how to get that fifty bucks under her pillow. Pull out the Monopoly game and there ya go. She can have all the money her little heart desires. LOL

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