♥ Internet Explorer Hates My Blog ♥

So today, it had been brought to my attention that when a friend was trying to view my blog, she said buttons were all over the place. I couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

Then she sent me a screen shot and we figured it out.


This is how it’s supposed to look.

It seems to work right when using Google Chrome or Firefox:

Chrome_FF look

Now this is how it looks using the evil Internet Explorer:

IE look

See how the widget is over the photos? I didn’t understand how to fix this and still don’t.

So if you are viewing it in Internet Explorer, I apologize. I am actually not sure if people even use that browser anymore. I didn’t think it was even still around.

So now I’m curious how many bloggers use which one. I know I have asked this in the past but now I’m even more curious then ever

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