♥ Got A Question? ♥

Alright, so I thought this would be something fun only because I’m bored right now and really don’t feel like going to bed even though I’m way over exhausted here. Yea, I know, bad bad bad…

Anywho… Wouldn’t it be fun to ask a random question and have me answer it? I think it was an amusing idea. I found this rad little button that really sums up me:


Yes, I pretty much am known around the house as the queen of bitching and complaining. But you know what? I don’t let it bother me anymore. In fact, I just smile and say “It’s what I do BEST!” So ha……

So I thought it would be fabulous if all you lovely people out there wanted to ask me anything. Anything at all. Anything on your mind, advice, or just anything…..seriously. Why not?

I will take all the questions submitted and answer them in another post. Or possibly……in a vlog! Ummm a possibility. I’m still a bit camera shy when it comes to the vlogs. I’m trying to get myself up to do one. We shall see. No promises, ok?

But I can’t do it without your questions. And the best part, they can be anonymous. No worries! Just fill out the form below and submit a question. Once I get a few rounded together, I’ll do my little post on it.


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