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So, we have decided that this year, we are going back to healthy. We used to both be in the top notch shape, but now, over the years, things have been not so healthy.

For me, it seems like ever since I had my daughter, I could never get my body back. I got close one year and then packed on the pounds like you wouldn’t believe. I never had a problem before. I could eat and do whatever I wanted and never gained an ounce, now…. well, I think my body hates me LOL

So we decided to buy late Christmas presents now for us as a family and become nothing but healthy. So today I purchased the following:

The Ninja


I have been wanted this product for a long time. Sadly, they were sold out in the store so I ordered it online and it should be here by the end of the week. We are all totally excited about this one!



This is another one I am super excited about. I absolutely love drinking mineral water so this will be amazing for me to do it without it being so damn expensive from buying the Perrier bottles from the stores. Sadly, this one too was all sold out at the store today so I had to order it online. Looks like it won’t be arriving for two weeks. Blah

Jack LaLanne Juicer


This one they actually had at the store so I was lucky enough to be able to bring it home today. My husband really wanted this toy. He was so excited and didn’t stop using it all day. Him and our daughter made homemade fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade from scratch. It tastes so good! They used one whole bag of lemons and a few strawberries and juiced them together and its tastes so clean and fresh. We are now going to be making all our drinks from now on. No more store bought juice.

Here is some pics of what it looked like in the process:

photo 2  photo 5

photo 4 (1)  photo 1

It really juiced it down fine and we were able to take the strawberry pulp and make sorbet. How cool is that? So we froze it to eat and a great healthy snack and we used everything from all the fruits. Nothing went to waste.

I am so excited for the other products to arrive to give them a whirl!

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