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Blogger's Biggest Loser

Welcome to the second week of: Bloggers Biggest Loser

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Well, I have been doing pretty well. I lost just 10 pounds in seven days and now my weight is fluctuating a bit. So that kind of stinks. It goes up a few pounds, down a few. Although I’m still sticking to mostly the exact same thing everyday for meals and drinks.

So from the last time I linked up, it was this:

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

And now today it is this:

LilySlim Weight loss tickers


So I’m getting there. That first week though the pounds were popping off and now…hmmm it’s a bit stuck. But seven pounds down isn’t bad considering I’m not being as active lately. Can’t seem to get home from work early enough to make it to the gym before they close and I have a desk job so I sit for ten hours a day at work.

I have been usually eating:

  • Grapes for breakfast
  • Salad for lunch
  • Salad for dinner {the past two nights it has been some steak}
  • And lots of water or homemade juice we made ourselves

But I’m now on MyFitnessPal! I’ve done really good keeping up on here with tracking things. It’s pretty fun actually. Anyone else that has this should add me if they wish. Click the button below to become my friend :0)


Some exciting health food news! Our Ninja finally arrived!!!!! Totally been waiting for this and the UPS guy finally knocked on the door with my awesome new toy. We tried it out and it’s totally amazing. It really does turn ice into snow as they say in their commercial.

We made Tropical Smoothie’s Cranberry Cove Smoothie from scratch and tastes AMAZING! It was always mine and my husband’s favorite smoothie from there and now we can have it without spending then money nor using the sugar they do.

I documented our totally cool Ninja in action

photo 1photo 2

Added the strawberries and juiced some cranberries

photo 3photo 4

Juice is made and added a banana with the strawberries

photo 5photo 6

Then in goes some honey & the cranberry juice we juiced earlier & ice to top it off

photo 7photo 8

Then the husband pushed blend and the Ninja did its magic and made a perfect smoothie from top to bottom with an absolute perfect blend of everything! Genius machine I tell ya. We threw our old blender away. This is 1000 times better

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