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So before I got pregnant back in 2005, I had a rockin’ awesome body. I never owned a real shirt. Every shirt I owned my mom called a “washcloth” shirt because they were all the size and covered as much as a washcloth.

I could wear anything and everything and knew I looked great in it. I weighed 145 pounds back then. Once I got pregnant, I stayed very fit and healthy through my pregnancy. Although I started gaining a lot of weight, it never showed other then my belly.

Once my baby was born, I had some pounds but then I worked out to lose it all and lost 30 pounds for my wedding. Now, I have gained it all back and weigh the biggest I have been in my life and it is depressing most time.

Here is probably the only full body photo you will see of me because I am very uncomfortable with my weight now. I like only taking face shots now. This was taken last week.


So I am determined to get back down to my pre-baby weight again of 145. But 150 is more ideal to me at the moment. Heck, I’d even be happy with 160.

So we have decided to become an all healthy family. Eating no more foods that contain sugar {except for things like fruits that have natural sugars in them. No more caffeine and no more anything bad period.

So I am on day two and I have not had any sugar at all {except for the sugar in a strawberry}

I have been eating salads and we have started making all of our own juice from scratch with no sugar added. So far, in two days I have lost 3 pounds and I’m hoping within one month, I see a good result from this. All healthy and nothing artificial or preservative. Nothing that says diet or sugar free. Just good old fruits and veggies and all the other healthy stuff.

So this is my goal to lose:

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I have seen two doctors and they both agree I am on the verge of being obese and need to loose weight right away for the sake of my health. I was also told this is the reason why I cannot get pregnant again. We have been trying for almost three years and all the doctors have told me it was because I am too fat and need to drop at least 30 pounds to become pregnant. I don’t think that’s true because I have seen so much bigger girls pregnant. So I don’t know why they think I’m too fat to have another baby.

But I am still under 200 pounds so I think that’s a good thing at least. but I need to hit that 150 mark and I will be happy.

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